The Whole Shebang Called Life

I celebrated getting a year older this Saturday. Another year went by, so fast. Whether I got wiser or not, what with another candle being added to my cake, well, I don’t really know. Or, actually maybe I do know. Let’s just say there has been no change in the ‘getting wise’ department for quite some time now. Yes, well not everything gets better with age you see. So, I cut two cakes, went for a movie, did some bowling and then dined at a place called ‘The Black Rabbit’. Interesting name right? All in all, a day well spent. Of-course, I did some other things as well, like annoying S and my sis while they were decorating the house for my birthday. Well, you see I didn't want them to use sellotapes on the walls! But apparently that was not acceptable but I did manage to get them to use extremely tiny bits to minimize the damage. I know, I’m MONICA!

© Random Thoughts Naba

Oh did you know that I absolutely suck at bowling! Well, at least till I’m angry at someone. Makes sense? No? Well, let me help you with that. I can only knock down pins when I replace them with the head of a person I’m irritated with, in my imagination of-course. And that only works when the person is somewhere nearby. This time too only after being frustrated by one of the attendants did I manage to knock down a few pins. Yes, I was picturing his head all the time in place of the 10 pins. It really works!

Well, enough of that. Let’s talk about A to Z Challenge now. Yes, this will be my 2nd year.  I’m not very confident about it this time thought because of the work load at office. Last year being on leave during this period had made it relatively easier. But then I can always hope, right?

It is the A to Z Theme Reveal Blogfest today and honestly till this very moment I haven’t actually thought about what my theme would be. Yes, well who knew 23rd March would be upon us so soon! I certainly didn't. Last year I had done a tales buffet, so I won’t bore you with more fiction this year too. Moreover, I'm going to chose something easy this year, easy for me to write and for you to read.


So, without further ado, here it is, my theme for A to Z Challenge 2015 – A Mini Series on everything that is Life! Yes, a series of short posts on the whole shebang called life. I think I’ll leave it open ended this year. Try and make an attempt to understand the nuances better, through writing of course. An attempt to comprehend the various shades of life by laying my doubts and observations out in the open. No, I won’t preach, I’ll just share.

So, what do you say? What’s you theme?