One Happy Baby

Happiest are those unscathed by the banalities of life. And in this world, I think it’s the children, especially babies, who have the luxury, or rather the magical boon, to view life through untouched, hopeful eyes. And hence they are the ones who experience real joy. Maybe it’s because they recognize happiness in the purest of forms. Sometimes I wish that innocence never left but then some things are really inevitable, aren't they? Nevertheless, it’s gratifying and even alleviating to observe babies, their faces filled with genuine glee. And it doesn't take much to make them cheery, does it?

I’m not a mother yet. But I have observed my share of babies. The ones of my friends and relatives have led me believe that it really doesn't take much to get a baby smiling.

Today, let me tell you about a little prince, my friend’s baby boy. He is like a little bundle of joy on the run. And you’ll be surprised to know how effortless it is to bring out that adorable smile on his face.

My friend tells me that putting on pampers in itself is a fun activity for him. The moment she takes one out, he starts rolling on his belly. But it doesn't end there. No, sir. He then turns on his back moving his hand and legs in repeated circular motions, as if peddling a cycle. All the while giggling to his heart's content. I can just imagine the fun they must have every time he needs a new diaper. Wonder what he finds interesting in the whole process though? Somehow putting on a new diaper seems to make him really, really happy.

He likes his music too. Sometimes they just play his favorite song and what ensues is nothing short of a laugh riot. He starts dancing the moment music reaches his ears. It's not just the dance though, there's more. But before I tell you that, tell me if you have ever seen a baby head banging? Well, I haven't but I hear he does that every time they play his favorite number. With his eyes half closed, grooving to the beats almost, he head bangs. Imagine a very tiny, very cute little human being shaking his head rhythmically to the music of his choice. You have to agree that it is one of the funniest, one of the most adorable things you can ever see.

Pizzas, chocolates and junk food too make him really happy. And he is just a little over a year old. But that doesn't stop him, does it? Just one look at those sinful foods and you can see him beaming, the glee suddenly reaching his endearing eyes. When he does something naughty and cries, a tickle is all it takes to bring that smile back on his lips. In fact, she says sometimes he pretends to cry just to be tickled by her. So see how simple it is to make him happy and cheerful?

As I said in the beginning, a baby, a kid doesn't need much. Just some love, some attention, health and comfort, and your baby will most certainly be a happy baby. Well, at-least that's my understanding.