#KelloggsWaleGuptaji I Dislike Cooking..So, Why Not?

It’s no secret that I absolutely abhor cooking. I mean it, I really don’t fancy chopping, and frying, and sautéing, baking, or anything else related to food preparation. You just name it and there I’ll be running away from it.  In fact, give me a choice between cooking or eating out, I’ll always chose the latter, yes almost always. Unless of course, you are ready to cook for me. So, are you?

Cooking is something that I do out of pure necessity. My husband, S, does offer to cook but the overzealous and obsessive compulsive cleanliness freak in me skips a beat every time he enters the kitchen. And it’s not like he makes the kitchen messy or anything. It’s just the paranoid, dusting and moping freak in me who simply refuses to let the guard down. Yes, simply refuses to budge but I’m working on that aspect.

Anyways, I cook because there is no home delivery in my area. Yes, I have taken my flat in the wilderness, far away from civilization that gets food home-delivered. Also, I have tried to hire a cook several times but the moment they open their mouths, asking for ridiculous amounts of money, all I want to do is feed them my burnt dishes. So, these are the reasons why I find myself in the kitchen, day after day, every day. But then I have my ways around cooking too. If I have to spend time in a room I dislike (read kitchen), I make sure it’s just the bare minimum.

I only cook once a day on weekdays, just dinner; and for lunch there is always the office canteen. On weekends, I prepare so much for lunch that it is comes in handy for dinner as well. Then there’s always the option to dine out. So, as far as possible I try to ensure that I just have to cook once a day.

But I spoke only about lunch and dinner. What about breakfast? What about the most important meal of the day? You would think that at least this is something that I take seriously. Well, think again because S and I mostly skip it, except on weekends. I know, I know that’s sacrilegious to proper nutrition and health. But then don’t blame me, I already told you that I dislike cooking!

Who wants to wake up and prepare something to eat early in the morning? Not me! The fact that I make tea is enough in itself. Trust me! I should be given some sort of award for that I feel. Anyways, if S and I get hungry at breakfast time, there’s always the office canteen. So, problem solved.

After reading so much about my affinity, or the lack of it therefore, for anything related to cooking, you’ll understand why I’ll run with my eyes closed to anyone and everyone who is willing to feed me? And if that household is anything like Guptaji’s, then is there even a sliver of doubt that I’ll jump at the first opportunity? So, going to their house for breakfast, by all means I say.

I was just watching the #kelloggs videos here and their Youtube channel, reading the recipes on the website and was surprised, and pleasantly too I must add, at the variety of dishes that can be prepared using #Kelloggs cornflakes. Cornflakes and Cocunut ladoos, cornflakes khatta moong, peach cornflakes, cornflakes fruity yogurt cup, cornflakes chana chaat, cornflakes jelly shake or cheesy cornflakes. I really can’t believe that so much, in fact more, can be made by just using #kelloggs cornflakes and all of it nutritious. Easy and healthy, low fat and very good to boost energy in the morning. Hence, can you blame me if I end up at Guptaji and his family’s doorstep for some, especially when they prepare all these awesome dishes for breakfast? Not at all, right? After all this kitchen abhorring, cooking phobic and lazy friend of yours (yes me!) does need to have breakfast, doesn't she?