Go Floral This Season

Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds said Coco Chanel and I, well, agree with her. While your and my perception of fashion maybe entirely contradictory, the crux of it though, I believe, is still the same. And honestly there’s hardly a soul immune to the phenomenon of fashion. Yes, not even you, even if you may like to think so. Let’s put it this way, every individual has a unique sense of fashion and style; yes every single individual without exception! Quirky, elegant or peculiar, your individual style maybe any, but that is fashion for you; and it very much exists.

Today fashion isn't a luxury only for the rich and famous, as you may often be led to believe. Yes, in fact if anything it is the era of affordable fashion. The Online Shopping revolution has led to a paradigm shift in the way you shop today. It only takes a few clicks and you have at your disposal the best and the latest; often at prices more suited to your budget. And it’s no different when it comes to ensembles. So today fashion is for all, affordable for all.

Now, there are a lot of factors that influence fashion. In fact, I think individual fashion is an extension of personas; an art swayed by infinite variables. And season is perhaps the only one with the greatest and most direct influence on it; apart from affordability of-course. So the season being spring, teased by the impending summery heat, I can’t help but go floral. Yes, go dressy with floral, for there is no better time than now to do that.

There is a permanence about floral prints, transcending years and eras. The palette of blues, greens, yellows, oranges and more, bright and vibrant, not only pleasant but elegant together. Trust me when I say this, it’s that time of the year when going floral is but a natural choice; and one to be definitely made. Don’t believe me? Well, look at all the runway collections, you’ll know what I mean.

Floral prints in the form of dresses, gowns or jump suits, in my view, bring out femininity in one of the most eloquent manners. It suits all body types too. From subtle to bold, block to vintage, floral prints bring about personality and variety to your wardrobe. A dollop of attitude, if I may say so. And if the latest trends are anything to go by you need to go floral this party season!

Now, now, you don’t need to worry about your purse strings for there are ways to set trends within your budget. There are many websites where you can buy floral dresses and apparels without worrying about your financial resources.

You can shop for the latest trends, floral too. You can buy miniature patterns if you have a petite frame. Or, you can go for large floral prints if you have a large frame. With floral patterns you may brighten up your party dresses; bring an edge to your look per se. It’s not possible for all to own high end couture dresses, I agree, but that doesn't mean you can’t go with the season’s trend.

I’ve always loved floral dresses. For me they have an eternal quality and my wardrobe too has quite a number of those. And so to you I say, go get floral right now without any further delay! Remember, it’s the season of floral power. From Chanel to Viktor & Rolf, the floral trend, as seen in the runways, is here to stay. In fact, if you have to go by what the fashion gurus are saying, 2015 is the year of flower power and it’s here to stay. So tell me now will you go floral this summer?