Credible Night Time Cab Service in Bangalore

Yesterday I had gone to a restaurant for dinner and noticed several of the diners using Ola Cabs to return home. Cab services have suddenly become the lifeline of a city's transport system. While using a cab alone during the day is something as easy and safe as using a crowded bus. But perhaps you can’t say the same thing about using cabs at night, at-least not without giving it a thought. It is something that you like to be careful about. For example, don’t you worry about letting the women in your family travel in cabs at night? Or, don’t you spend restless moments waiting when your husband has to use a cab in the middle of the night ? You do, don’t you? Well, I do too.

The incidents that we read about in newspapers do paint a scary picture. So, it is not wrong to be apprehensive. Though Bangalore hasn't been in the news as much as some other cities for untoward incidents in cabs at night, it doesn't in any way lessen the fear associated with the subject. Hence, the importance of credible cab services in Bangalore for night time travels arises.

On several occasions to catch early morning flights I have had to use cabs to get to the airport, in the middle of the night, alone. So, based on experience Meru is my preferred nightcab service in Bangalore. I never once faced any issues using them at night. However, that doesn't mean I wasn't alert throughout.

There are a lot of options available when it comes to 24 hour cab service in Bangalore. It is usually good to go with the well-known ones even though slightly expensive. If you are working late then make sure you use your company cab service. However, there are no guarantees but then safety doesn't come easy, especially in our country, more so if you are a woman traveling alone.

I remember a friend of mine telling me about a conversation she had with a cab driver here in Bangalore, and very recently too. He said that people look at all of them skeptically for the crimes of a few. This is actually true for even I’m guilty of doing so. But can’t help it, can we? He said that cabs are now fitted with panic buttons. In fact, sometimes when children in the cab mistakenly press it, he has to answer the call center operator immediately to prevent a police complaint from being registered against him. Well, I think that’s a step in the right direction. How much of a deterrent that is, well, I don’t know.

Finding a quick taxi service in Bangalore is as easy as finding home delivery options. However, I insist that you be vigilant whenever using one at night. And always, always be alert!