#ChooseToStart: An Extraordinary Blogging Journey With Moto E

The firsts in life are always special. Whether the first time you fall off a bicycle while riding without training wheels or the first time you stop your car in the middle of the road while still learning to drive. What, too many negative firsts? Okay, let's think of the 'positive' firsts then. The first date or the first time you traveled alone, sounds good now? Well, the fact is there are stories associated with every first, stories that have no prequels which makes them new, precious and unforgettable. And who remembers the 22nd time you did something anyways? See what I mean?

I remember the first time I used Motorola. It was my sister's phone, the Moto Razr. And that was actually the phone using which I exchanged messages with S just before our proposal and acceptance took place. Of-course, I had to bribe my sister to lend me her phone and that wasn't so easy. Too many memories associated with that phone actually. Every time I think back to that time, to when our story began, certain things like the Lucknow train station, a radio broadcasting tower in Shillong, a hospital and the Moto Razr come to my mind. Yes, well, it was the first time I was seriously considering entering a long term relationship, a first and thus memorable.

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Now, I hear the Moto E has a lot of features and at an affordable price too. In this era of smartphones where buying one can be, well, a little too extravagant for my taste, I think this is a welcome change. Some of it's features include 4G LTE with Quad-core processor, front and rear cameras, latest Android and all-day battery. Not bad at all I say.

If you ask me what I would #ChooseToStart with the all new Moto E, well, that would be so many things actually. Being a blogger and a free lance writer, I need to be online almost all the time. But I can't carry my laptop everywhere, can I? The smartphone which I'm currently using is almost 4 years old, which is eons in the smartphone world. It is almost the great, great grandmother of smartphones. Not at all ideal for blogging, trust me!

'A smartphone is to a blogger what a stethoscope is to a doctor, makes sense?'

There are so many things a blogger needs to do using her phone. And hence I intend to do those very things with the Moto E

I wish to venture out on an extraordinary blogging experience by staying connected, available, at all times using the new Moto E.

#ChooseToStart: Taking photographs on the go

I need to use photos in my posts and therefore need to keep increasing my picture repository. But you see my phone has become so old, worn out almost, and did I mention slow too, that by the time the camera opens the moment to be captured almost always passes by. So, the Moto E would first and foremost be my camera on the go, to capture some quality pictures for my blog. Now S would say I first need to learn how to take quality photographs but still a good smartphone would surely help me with that. And yes of-course, I would take a few selfies too after all I'm also a Millennial! 

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#ChooseToStart: Online on Twitter

One of the most important aspects of blogging is to promote posts, whether your own or a fellow blogger's. Twitter today is a platform that almost everyone, anyone uses. It is one of the top most places to widen your wings in terms of reach and I can't tell you how important is reach for a blogger. The Moto E would keep me tweeting if I may say so. You see, my latest phone, on account of it's age, takes a lifetime to load the app which in turn makes me want to not use it at all. But I can't afford to do that, can I?

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#ChooseToStart : Blog! Blog and Blog some more on the go!

Now the company I work in has very strange policies with respect to internet access. Well, let's just say it's the same story for all Indian IT Companies. They have this phobia that unrestricted internet access, if given, would result in no work. Yes, like we have no sense of responsibility! Spending at-least 9 hours every day, 5 days a week, in office, without unrestricted internet access, is not really conducive to blogging and blogging related events. But you see because of this primitive approach of the company this often becomes a reality. Hence, I need to have a phone where my internet works, well, all the time. Needless to say I would use Moto E to stay connected in office because sometimes I need to post for certain campaigns during the day which is not possible using the office desktop.

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There is a lot more I want to do using a Moto E and maybe I will, if I manage to get my hands on it that is. A smartphone is to a blogger what a stethoscope is to a doctor, makes sense? So, you see how a great new phone like the Moto E could come to my aid. I wish to venture out on an extraordinary blogging experience by staying connected, available, at all times using the new Moto E. Don't you think that would be great?

Tell me, what would you do if you happen to get a Moto E? What would you #ChooseToStart?

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