: A Review

Did you know that in the list of countries by number of mobile phones in use, India actually comes second? Well, I didn't know it was a verified statistic. I had a vague idea about it though, with our population being so high, but still I didn't know it for a fact. Clearly, now I do. But why am I telling this to you today? Why?

Yes, you guessed it right I do have an ulterior motive for dragging this point out of the closet. And here it is. Since, mobile phones have become impossible to live without, I think it’s only natural that mobile phone accessories become a rage, which they are already. Out of all the accessories I can think of, the mobile phone cases and covers, for me, stand right on top. And today I’m here to tell you about a site from where you can purchase some of the most stylish mobile cases and covers,

Aztec Design
Before I tell you about my experience with products from, let me tell you a little something about Bracevor. It is a flourishing start up with products ranging from Professional Leather Wallet cases to Rugged protective covers, Trendy Designer back cases to Premium Luxury Cases. It comprises of a team of committed individuals selling only those products which, in their own words, they themselves would prefer to use. In-spite of being relatively new in the market, Bracevor has an ever burgeoning family of happy customers to which I too have been added recently.

Bracevor Fire and Ice Design Hard Back Case
iPhone, Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, MOTO, IPAD, Nokia, IPOD & Blackberry, you name it and Bracevor has cases for all of these products. A one stop shop for a host of mobile phone cases and covers, Bracevor offers products which cater to a wide range of tastes. They take pride in bringing to you some of the most trendy, retro, hip, contemporary, minimalist and formal designs.

Now, I had the opportunity of choosing and using the below 3 iPhone 4s cases from Bracevor; each of them perfect for my phones and personality in my view.

✿  Bracevor Fire and Ice Design Hard Back Case for Apple iPhone 4 4s
✿  Aztec Design Hard Back Case Cover for Apple iPhone 4 4s - D1
✿  Triple Layer Defender Back Case for Apple iPhone 4 4s - Black

Out of the 3, I must say that the Aztec Design Hard Back Case Cover is my favorite in terms of appeal. It is not only soothing to the eyes, giving almost an earthy feel with it's design, but it also protects my iPhone against scratches and fingerprints. It looks good in my hand as well which, mind you, is a very important criteria for product selection. Honestly, I loved dressing up my iPhone in it. But that's not all, it also didn't add bulk to my phone; an important trait in my view and I'm sure in yours too. 

My husband, S,  used the Bracevor Fire and Ice Design case and he loved it from the moment it adorned his phone. Now, S liking it says a lot because unlike me he isn't pleased too easily. So, that's there. I'm still in queue to exchange the cover with him and use it myself. Well, I guess all in good time. Trust me though, it's very chic in it's design; looks really good on the phone. Very classy is perhaps what describes it best. Of-course, needless to say it protects too hence ensuring utility and protection at the same time. 

Now, that brings me to the Triple Layer Defender Back Case. Well, I think out of all the three this one suits me perfectly in terms of compatibility. How? Well, I'll tell you. My hands tend to sweat a lot during summers making all kinds of smudges on my phone. And this is a cover that protects it well from being doused in sweat in spite of my clammy hands. Sturdy to it's core.

All the three covers, I must say, fit right into our iPhones and Bracevor ensured that it's delivered in the perfect condition through a reliable courier service. In terms of navigation through the site, offers and interface too, I think Bracevor is very user friendly. And the prices are also quite competitive, especially considering the quality of products on offer. Tag that along with discounts and you have yourself a nice deal. So, my verdict,ladies and gentlemen, is that if you are looking for mobile phone covers & cases Bracevor is a website worth checking out.

Triple Defender
  *This is a sponsored post but the views are mine based on my experience of using the product(s)*