A New Day In Paris #Together

Of course, motivation is not permanent but that doesn't mean you stop looking for it, does it? One of the things about being a couple in the IT Industry is that you need to spend months away from each other on assignments in distant countries. Beautiful but distant countries nevertheless. Well, I don't dare say it's as tough as it is for those in the army but it is difficult nonetheless. Especially when you want to build a life together. 

S and I have been married for the past 4 years now in which S has been away at onsite most of the time. In a way, Software Industry does have it's perks considering you need the money to get settled in life. But trust me living away is something I don't recommend at all. Yes, I can tag along with S every time but then I'll have to give up my job to do that. Now, as much as I dislike what I do for a living, I certainly don't wish to quit. So, on every occasion that S is sent away to a far off country my search for a project there begins. And that's exactly what happened this time last year. 

Now you need to know something about us, we never get anything easily. Never ever actually! Last year too wasn't any different. S was sent to Germany in December 2013 so I followed him there in February last year with the hope to find a project and stay on with him. But then destiny had something else in mind altogether. I attended interviews after interviews, cleared them all as well but dirty internal politics by managers ruined all of my plans. Well, now you know why I dislike these god-damn managers so much.

Somehow, going against our track record, it was confirmed that I would be joining a team there. You won't believe how much I was looking forward to working there, staying on with S without having to actually quit my job or be on unpaid leave. But to be fair, I was also a little surprised that it was all working out for us. Something had to go wrong and it sure did, just like clockwork. 

A call came just a day before I was supposed to start working and I was told the requirement ceased to exist. Well, what do you know? I found out later that it was given to a kin of one of the managers. Imagine my heart break. The tears refused to stop. I knew I had to come back. I knew S and I had to again stay apart for months on end. It was then that S suggested we go to Paris to celebrate not only our 3rd anniversary and my birthday but also to forget everything about this mess of getting a project, or not getting it actually.

So on the 22nd of March last year, we landed in Paris. And tell you what? It was a day I won't forget anytime soon, or rather ever in my life. Believe me when I say this that it is impossible to visit Paris and not forget your woes. The city is beyond anything you'll ever see in life. To say it's beautiful would also be an understatement. It is as if a great painter's creation was brought to life for Paris to be born.

© Random Thoughts Naba
That day the city of lights showed me the way. It dawned on me that there's more to life than any project. S and I had to make the most of our time together and Paris, well, was just the beginning of that plan. Maybe it was the air in the city of love or maybe it was the croissants there, I don't know, but somehow magically that day turned out to be one of our best one day trips ever. From cruises on the river Seine to witnessing the majestic Eiffel Tower glittering at night, everything awed us that day. The Louvre or just eating at the Parisian cafes, we found everything cut out just for us, as if just to fill our hearts with happiness and love. That day our motivation to fight every obstacle to make a beautiful life together was renewed, rejuvenated rather. Considering the challenges we had overcome, a few months away didn't seem too difficult all of a sudden. Maybe it was Paris working it's magic on us. And if it was then I must tell you that it worked really well. 

That holiday in Paris became the pre-cursor to a number of trips we took last year. That trip strengthened our resolve to be #together. After that one day in Paris, S and I promised again that we would always be #together no matter what. Yes, we would each day of our lives, each and every day. So with renewed optimism we decided to #lookup, we decided that come what may we would always fight to be #together in spite of the set backs. If anything, they would only make our resolve stronger. We'd always be together in this journey.

Do you have any #together story to share as well? Tell me I'm all ears.