Sleep Trap

Bedtime rituals. Do you remember yours, as a kid that is? I don’t remember what my mom used to do when I was a baby. Understandable, I guess, because that seems to be centuries ago. But I do remember this, as the years went by it was all about stories and chitter-chatter with my little sister. That was my bed time ritual.

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And today if I think about what rituals I would follow, in the future, with my child I get a weird feeling in the stomach. ‘My child’, it just seems so unreal and it is so too today. But one day maybe I’ll have, in my arms, a baby to take care of. At that point of time, perhaps, I too will share a bedtime ritual with that tiny, naughty and extremely tiny human being! But what would that be? Well, I’ll tell you.

Now, my friends tell me that babies get cranky when their sleep gets disturbed. Well, it figures. Who wouldn't? So to prevent that the one thing I’ll certainly do is to put the baby, my baby perhaps is what I should say, in the right diaper. Not the cloth diaper mind you. That's a strict no, no. A cloth diaper, I must add, is a recipe for a cranky and crying baby at night; because when it gets wet the baby is able to feel the dampness. It’s important that the baby is comfortable and a cloth diaper can never ensure that. It's itchy too I hear. So what is needed therefore is the right diaper. And to this end Pampers Baby Dry Pants, I hear is the solution. Yes, it certainly fits the bill if I’m to go by what all the mothers in my circle say. So one of my rituals certainly will be using diapers like pampers baby dry pants.

Bedtime stories. Reading to the baby is something that I think I’ll surely do. Now, I know the baby will probably not understand a word of it but as the years go by this can grow into our thing, our very own ritual. And maybe my voice will help my baby fall asleep, in a good way I mean. And everyone likes bedtime stories, right?

Music, instrumental music to be precise. I have heard that music helps babies fall asleep. One of the things, thus, will definitely be music. I’ll play some instrumental music and let my baby drift off to sleep. A little research on the net will tell you that this is an ideal bed time ritual to follow.

I have also seen many mothers sing to their babies, lullabies actually. Well, I have a very bad voice and I’m not even a bathroom singer. But my friends tell me that once I become a mom, I’ll sing to my baby irrespective of that. So, well, I guess then singing to my child will be another thing that I do.

And yes, how can I forget? I’ll also ensure that my baby is well fed before drifting off to sleep. A hungry baby is definitely not conducive to his own sleep!

I’m sure these rituals will evolve as years go by. For now, these are what come to my mind. The bottom line is the baby should feel comfortable and at peace. Of-course, much of what I’ll do will depend on the situation on the ground. I hear it is not easy but then what is? Only time will tell if I do follow these rituals and how well it goes down with my baby. Until then though this plan seems ideal.