Sell Quicker with Quikr

You must have been hearing a lot about Quikr for some time now, haven’t you? Well, I have been too. Lately though the focus has been more on Quikr NXT. Through advertisements on television and various campaigns on social media, Quikr NXT has been making a lot of noise these days, the right kind of noise that is. But hold on to that thought and read this if you haven’t heard of Quikr NXT yet which is, today, the smarter way of buying and selling.

Now, if I can be completely honest with you, there was a time when I found it difficult to grasp the notion of buying something that has been used by someone else or as they say buying something second hand. Yes, I found the concept incredible until of-course I set out to get rid of my old dining table. And believe me when I say this, it was sold off within a week of putting up the add. All this through, well you guessed it right, Quikr NXT. And there began my tryst with Quikr, with the latest triumph being my parents’ old sofa which we sold off quiet easily, again.

Trust me when I say this, that Quikr NXT has really made it easier to buy and sell things, hassle free in fact. Why? Well, because you can do all of this via chat and maintain a history of it too! I, for one, am certainly a fan of this technique because I detest taking calls except the really urgent ones of-course. So you see how wonderfully Quikr NXT fits the bill.

Hence, if I have to replace my car, will it really be a surprise when I chose to do it, well, through Quikr NXT? No, right? And all I’ll need to do is put up the ad with a few pictures of my car, it’s specifications, year of purchase, number of kilometers driven and the price expected. With the ad live on the website I’ll just have to wait for buyers to contact me. And if the history of my transactions on Quikr is anything to go by, my car will find a new owner in no time. And then I could get a new one just as easily by adding something extra to what I get paid for my old car.

The best part of buying and selling using Quikr NXT is that you can easily avoid wasting your time on unproductive deliberations. There are people who call you and then quote ridiculous prices for the products you have put up on sale. Now, I personally dislike talking to such ‘prospective’ buyers who think it’s smart to under quote. With Quikr NXT, all I need to do is ignore them on chat. Yes, as easy as that. And I can chose to speak only to serious buyers after a chat with with them on Quikr NXT. Yes, I can easily take forward negotiations only with those who are willing to pay what I expect out of my product. And that sieve could be this Quikr chat. Hence, whenever I chose to replace my car it will without a doubt be via Quikr NXT. For now though, I’m contemplating selling my husband’s Sherwani through it. How much do you think I should quote for it? :)


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