One Day I Will...

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

To study, get a job, marry and have children, maybe. Then go on to raise the children, educate them, get them married, if they don’t already run away by themselves that is, and finally retire comfortably as you await the end. Yes, that pretty much sums up the conventional notion of life, doesn't it? But I don’t believe it should only be so. Not at all. I believe there needs to be so, so much more to life than merely a routine that needs to be executed. Living life is definitely more than getting that cheque home monthly, though I agree the latter is all too important as well.

What needs to be done is to ensure that the cheques keep flowing in. And once the financial aspect of life is insured, you need to live life doing the things you love. There’s just one life and it certainly shouldn't have any regrets. Don’t you agree?

You have all heard of bucket lists, right? In fact, I’m sure many of you already have one. I too have one, an abstract one at least. There’s so much I want to do. Live like a free bird, if possible. To a certain extent, yes it is possible too. But you and I both know while dreams are important, there needs to be a safety net to it too.

You need to have a plan that could cushion all the falls in life. A carefree life, is only feasible when you have planned for it meticulously. Or, should I say when you have planned for the bad turns in life. It’s a known fact that life can’t be enjoyed on empty stomachs or at the risk of empty stomachs. So once that is taken care off, when the planning for those rainy days is done, the possibilities are limitless.

There are so many things I want to do and I’m sure you do too. If I were to tell you what some of those things are, would you hang around to read? Yes? Well, I hope so. Here goes. These are some of the things that one day I will certainly do.; Photo by Supertrooper
Visit Italy – Well, what can I say Italy is one place in the world that I really want to visit! Last year, we couldn't go as the tickets were too expensive and of-course S had no time. But of all the things in my list, Italy is certainly at the top. I really, really wish to go there; a country I have been dreaming about for years now. And I know that one day I definitely will.

Ditch this IT Job for good – If you have been following my blog, then I’m sure you know I don’t really love what I do for a living. Yes, I know I should have thought about it earlier but what’s done is done. However, one day I wish to bid adieu to this cubicle-centric life of mine and do what I really like. Till then though I’ll try and save up as much as I can, what say?

Write, write & write some more – Yes, you read it right. I realized, only after my engineering was done, that writing is what I love doing the most. It’s something that satiates my soul, as cheesy as it sounds. Writing makes me happy, much more than testing some software product ever can. And honestly, I don’t want to write in between client meetings or cooking meals. No, not anymore. I want to write and do the other chores in between that. Makes sense? Of-course, to devote my whole time to writing I’ll first need to ensure that my future is financially secure. Darn it!

Travel the world – Italy is a destination so dear to me that it had to get a separate mention in this list. Apart from that, I do want to see the rest of the world. I have somehow ticked few of the places off my list. But there are over 190 countries in the world and I haven’t even got through to two digits in my ‘visited’ list. So more travel is certainly something I wish for.

Read every thriller ever written – Now, that’s a huge ask I know. But a girl can certainly hope. I wish to one day have a library of all the thrillers ever written. And that is not enough, I want to be able to read all of them before I close my eyes. Possible?

I know you must be thinking that I have a very strange bucket list. But, hey, what’s a bucket list if it’s not a little weird?

Now, now don’t rush off so soon. Wait and share with me the 5 things, or okay just the 1 thing on your bucket list. Go on, I’m waiting. Who knows I might even lift a few items off your list!