One ASUS Zenphone Valentine

Life is too short to be spent being unhappy, or rather to not try and be happy. Makes sense, what do you say? I think it is imperative, thus, to make the effort and live your life the way you want to. No, it’s not selfish at all to do things for your own joy. No, sir. It is certainly not selfish to pamper yourself too. After all, there’s just one life and you need to live it to the best of your ability. It’s simple really, you can be of service to your family, and even the world, only if you love yourself unconditionally. One way of doing that is by gifting yourself things you love.

As a blogger being online most of the time, even at odd times of the day, is a must; a necessity rather. And if you ask me, my phone, thus, is my best pal. In fact, I need it so much that it wouldn't be wrong to say that, in many ways, it’s the companion I take everywhere, every time! Now if the phone turns out to be an ASUS Zenphone, well, even better! So much so that it could also end up being my perfect Valentine! No, really. And I’ll tell you the reasons why.

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S often keeps traveling for work. In fact, just last Valentine’s Day he wasn't in the country. And every time he is away most of my day is spent either on Whatsapp, Gtalk or Skype. So you see how a Zenphone could fit in here? On Valentine’s Days when S is away, it could be my Valentine simply because it would connect me to, well, S!

Now, Valentine’s Day or not I need to be able to update my blog while on the move. And with the ASUS Zenphone I would be able to do it on the go. An absolute must and a perfect date material, don’t you think? All Bloggers would agree!

Twitter! Well, out of habit or mere addiction perhaps but I seem to find myself looking through my twitter time line every few minutes. I know it’s not healthy. But I can’t help it either for I find Twitter amusing and even informative at the same time. And if I’m out with the Zenphone, I can do that too without trouble. Good company with regular, and might I add, witty updates at my disposal.

Pictures. Beautiful moments are meant to be captured. So it’s obvious I could use the Zenphone to capture those wonderful Valentine’s moments. Something that would keep the memories alive for years to come.

And last but not the least, it would be my gift to myself and hence definitely the ideal Valentine. You must agree!

Yes, I know this sounds crazy but then a great phone is, well, a great companion too!


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