Nothing Religious About It...

Religion. Honestly, it’s something on which I have never really dwelt much. So you could go ahead say there’s something very wrong or something very right with me. Your call. I for one am not really sure in which category I fit in. But what I do know for sure is that while religion could be a part of your existence it certainly isn't everything. No offence meant to the religiously inclined. It’s just what a mere mortal like me thinks and feels.

Source: Photo by Salvatore Vuono
Now I’m no atheist for even I seek solace and answers from the unknown, unseen power above. I have faith, deep faith in fact, in the Almighty. Yes, I most certainly do. But I’m not driven by it. Or, let me put it this way. I look at religion as a source of inner strength but certainly not as my identity. And more importantly I don’t believe in looking at the world with religiously tinted glasses.

"What we need is just to be good human beings. Not exceptional, just good!"

If you ask me, whether I’m a practicing Hindu, I’d say yes but in my own way. I don’t believe in customs or traditions but I do understand when my mom follows it. Anything imposed or handed down generations isn't my concept of faith but I don't judge people for whom it is; unless what they believe in encroaches on someone else's space and well-being. For me religion is personal. It is about the faith between you and God. It is each individual’s choice. And coercion, massacre and intolerance have no place in it.

You must be wondering why I am talking about religion all of a sudden. You are, aren't you? Well, because I just feel that certain stray elements in the world today have become uncomfortably fanatical. And this plague is slowly spreading. Out of the blue every section is busy making blanket statements about the other. For some reason it seems more important to belong to a particular religion rather than being a human being. Look around the world, wars are being fought on ludicrous reasons like ethnicity or religion.

"I think it should be really simple. Good versus bad; not my religion versus your religion."

And this folly on our part in letting this disease spread is helping roguish elements. There are self-proclaimed religious leaders who are ready, at the drop of a hat, to spit venom when it comes to religion. Sad part is they are protected; have millions of followers who are ready to wreak havoc, blinded by their misplaced trust. Then there are also some politicians who are quick to search avenues to benefit from religious turmoil after-all it is what they thrive on. And what do I say about our so call intelligentsia? One look at twitter and you’ll realize what I’m talking about. Every problem is given a religious spin. Unfortunately the common man, which includes you and me too, plays in to the hands of these malicious puppeteers.

I don’t know why or how something as personal as religion came to be at the center of so many crises around the world. I’m not well versed in history but I do understand some basic facts about living this life. I believe what we need is just to be good human beings. Not exceptional, just good. Shouldn't be that hard, right? I don’t think that it is such a complex concept to grab, do you? Also, it’s always possible to be religious without persecuting, belittling and ridiculing another religion whether belonging to the minority or majority in a country. I think it should be really simple. Good versus bad; not my religion versus your religion. Does it make sense? What are your views? Is there some flaw in this line of thinking? Tell me, I really want to know.

I think the human civilization should be matured enough to not be led by religious sentiments. But again that’s just me. Share your thoughts, maybe I can get some answers.