In Love with Curls

Acceptance, they say, is a good thing, a great thing in fact. Do you agree?

Acceptance that you are your own person. Acceptance that you are perfect just the way you are. Acceptance that your faults, quirks, are what make you the individual that you are. Unique in your own way. Perfect with your imperfections. Knowing that your fear of math is just as normal as your friend’s fear of languages. Knowing that choosing arts over science doesn't make you a disappointment. Understanding that you don’t always have to fit in or conform to rules. Believing that it’s perfectly alright to not let official work encroach upon your personal space or time. Realizing that moving on to new ideas and thought processes doesn't make you any less rooted to your culture. Trusting that criticizing the wrong in your society doesn't make you a hyperventilating idiot. You know, just basically, being comfortable in your own skin.

Now this acceptance that I speak of doesn't come easily. No, sir. It takes years and sometimes a life time to reach that peak from where everything seems crystal clear, straightforward. A lot of it has to do with maturity and that comes with experience and age. And this tricky acceptance doesn't come all at once for every different aspect of your existence. It is fastidious and comes along at different forks of the road during your life’s journey.

Now why am I all of a sudden talking about acceptance? The last few days have brought me one; one that I have been after for a long time and hence the post. Which you ask? Well, it has everything to do with my hair. Yes, my unruly tresses!

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Credit: jill111
As far as I can recall silky, straight hair has always been my dream. I would read Rapunzel, watch Disney princesses in the big screen and wish for hair like them. And mind you every princess in the circuit had straight hair. I don’t remember even one with a frizzy head of hair. Thus you can understand how a young girl at an impressionable age, in which I was, could be led to believe that you either have straight hair or bad hair. And since I didn't have the former, I thought I must obviously have the latter.

Now my hair has always been curly. Always, always. On top of that straightening treatments starting from college, hostel life and now bore-well water in my apartment, have not really made my hair journey an easy one. It has been a strenuous relationship at most.

I don’t remember ever willingly leaving my hair undone. Awkward is how I have always felt with a curly head of hair. With pins and bands I have made every single effort possible to straighten out every last bit of curl.

Honestly, I have always been reluctant to form a rapport with my natural hair. I detested it and made every possible effort to fight it. It was as if I was in love with straight hair but had been forcefully married off to curly hair. But towards the end of 2014, this marriage suddenly began to work out. The kinks in the relationship began to disappear. I began to accept my hair the way it was. I suddenly decided to just let my hair be. So what if it is curly? If anything, it’s wonderful that it’s curly. Maybe the hair fall has made it weak, but I could take care of it. Moreover straight or curly, it’s just hair.

For the first time I feel comfortable and confidant with my curly head of hair. In fact, I have also begun leaving it untied and somehow I feel really good about it. I think in all my life it is only in the past two months that I have had the most fun with my hair. I guess I have accepted the frizz, the curl and have even begun to fall in love with it.

I know it might not seem like a huge acceptance to you but it sure is for me. Inconsequential it might be but still somehow it isn't. I feel wonderful and that can’t be insignificant, can it?

Acceptance, big or small, is truly a beautiful thing. Trust me!

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