Littered Bharat?

Have you heard about 'The Great Indian Litterbug'? No? But how is that even possible? Wait, you must have at least seen him around you? In your neighborhood or just out on the streets? No? Well, that's a little strange. Not to worry though I'll help you with de-cluttering your mind.

Does the image of your neighbor throwing garbage out of her balcony ring a bell? Or, does the image of a guy using the footpath to relieve himself sound vaguely familiar? Yes? See I knew it! They are the superheros whose powers lie in spreading mess where ever they go. They are the real reason why dumpster photography is on the list of every tourist landing in this country. They are the apes with the invisible capes which makes them believe that they are born for one sole purpose, to litter and clutter. A power which they actually take very seriously as they walk among you humming 'Let's spray, let's spray some more'!

In India, you are either the litterbug or the unassuming tourist. The fact is a very, very long time ago, the people of this country had been bitten by a bug, a very benign one at that. And over the years it has managed to achieve pandemic proportions, in ways unimaginable really. Today the litterbug is the alter ego of every proud Indian. But not to worry for it's the bug to have been bitten by. In fact, it's perhaps the mother of all bugs you could ever be bitten by. Yes that just about describes it right. And now when I'll talk about the symptoms I bet you'll find yourself nodding along too.

You are a litterbug when you love to hate walking up to the garbage bins. You consider it a waste of your time and against your litterbug-dom! In fact, I have one living right next door. He tip toes in the early morning hours, walks four steps out of his door and stealthily places his black garbage bags next to my main door. Every morning I wake up to find his offering at my door step. He's the superhero I aspire to be if only I had it in me to wake up early.

You are definitely a litterbug when you have the passion for placing garbage bags in corridors or parking lots. It is a treasure hunt to you, finding the best spot to dump your rubbish. And you most certainly belong to this elite club when dropping garbage bags out of your balcony becomes your favorite pass-time. In the darkness of the night, when your unassuming apartment-mates go around brisk walking, you sacrifice those healthy walks for something more important. Yes, you do it for dumping precious litter on their unsuspecting heads. This because you believe in littered India. And that's also when you achieve martyrdom among the litterbugs. But that's not all. When you throw banana peels, empty coffee cans, wrappers and more out of your car with unparalleled panache, you become a member of this coveted tribe. And as a litterbug you can be an artist too. Yes, paan spitting becomes your way of spray painting the walls. You do it while walking, while driving and even while sitting in theaters, leaving your mark everywhere you go.

So now do you recognize the litterbug in you? If not, then do it soon for the littering shouldn't stop come what may! Remember the litterbugs need you to let littered bharat stay littered!


On a serious note, please avoid littering. Don't be a Litterbug!

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