Lazy in Love

Valentine’s Day. There was a time when just the mere mention of it was enough to send the excitement chain scurrying. The butterflies in the stomach, the anticipation and apprehension all muddled together, so hard to make one out from the other. Honestly those were such special days; so very fresh still in my heart. It all began around those mischievous teenage years. Cupid and crushes suddenly assumed paramount importance. It could have been due to the fairy tales or plain old hormones, who knows? What I do know is that Valentine’s Day emerged out of nowhere to suddenly capture my fancy big time. And the weather, how can I forget the weather which used to be such a tease even then? Pleasantly chilly almost hugging spring, yes that made it even more magical. Oh the things I did!
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I remember our school reopening after the long winter vacations around Valentine’s Day, the valentine week to be precise. During those days I had my fair share of crushes from those silly boys’ schools in town. Of-course, the crush changed almost every year, nevertheless it was so much fun. Those were the days when stolen glances were priceless. In fact, even passing by your crush on the street on Valentine’s Day was a celebration on its own. And when school gave way to college, the matter intensified further. Waiting for proposals, dropping hints to finally spending the day watching a romantic flick in the hostel with friends, things changed but the allure persisted.

"After all these years together I also know what reply to expect from him; either the characteristic ‘hmmmm’ or ‘too’ against a love you from my end."

And then in the year 2007, I celebrated my first Valentine’s Day with S. The gifts followed by a lunch and movie date; I still remember how thrilled I was at the end of the day. Little did I know then that this boy would be the man in my life? And now 8 years later, another Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Such a long time has passed and yet it seems just like yesterday. So much has changed and yet so much hasn't. And today he is still my crush even though in all technicalities he’s also the husband now. So if I have to propose to him again after all these years I think I’d do it the same way, the very way it all happened the first time around.

SMS. Yes, I’ll just send him one saying a few special words. Of-course, after all these years together I also know what reply to expect from him; either the characteristic ‘hmmmm’ or ‘too’ against a love you from my end. But then that’s the S I know. I wouldn't have it any other way. And then we’ll just be lazy together. He’ll play Frontline Commando on his iPhone while I’ll read a book with the television playing in the background. Talking to each other from time to time we’ll suddenly realize that we are hungry and rush to order food in a jiffy. Yes, that’s how I’ll do it, in our very own lazy way, over and over again. I know it’s weird and unconventional, but it’s the togetherness that matters more to me now more than anything else. It’s our kind of zany, you know?

From the silly girl with magical notions of love to a grown up fool, still a staunch believer in love but with saner ideas perhaps, I have changed a lot over the years. And today Valentine’s Day for me is just being with S, having him around and going about our lives together. And he knows that very well and I take comfort in the fact that he does.

So folks a happy Valentine’s Day in advance from me to you and yours. Stay blessed and stay loved!