#KhudKoKarBuland: Some forethought to safeguard your dreams


Uncertainty is perhaps one of the basic facets of life and a stubborn one at that. While at one moment everything can be hunky dory, the dominoes can fall at the very next leading to a catastrophe. You never can predict when and how your life will change. And I'm talking about the surprises life is known to hurl your way and especially the unpleasant ones. The best and most sensible thing to do therefore is to be prepared. Don't they say hope for the best but prepare for the worse? I think that's what I want to say more than anything else. And no, I don't mean to scare you. Not at all. It's just that you need to step forward in life with a security blanket. You should prepare yourself in such a way that come what may you can still move forward fearlessly. And of-course, this will also help you to sleep peacefully at night. I think the phrase in hindi 'Khud Ko Kar Buland' loosely translated to 'make yourself strong', says it all.

"Protect your dreams, save them from being hijacked by the uncertainty of life."

The video (at the beginning) by Birla Sun Life Insurance says something along the same lines. The father in this video finds out that his son is autistic. His wife being no more, he could have panicked, even gone berserk with worry. And it would have been understandable too. But on the contrary he starts planning to provide his son a good life at any cost. Even when he loses his job, he doesn't give up because his meticulous planning has given him the margin for such eventualities. He has his contingency plan ready and so should you. In the troubled waters of life he has made sure his lifeboat is around; something that you need to make sure of too.

Prevent your life from being hijacked. Plan ahead!

While money is not everything in life, it definitely is one of those essentials you can't possibly do without. You never can tell when a bus will hit you or when you will fall prey to a disease, can you? More often than not you can't even guarantee your job security. Treatment of sudden unexpected medical ailments of your family members also doesn't come cheap. Then there can be the repayment of loans which can be a huge problem for your family if unfortunately one day you are suddenly gone. You see this fellow reaper and bad luck are often in cahoots with each other; always working to ruin your plans. Hence,you need to be ready for any eventuality; you need to make yourself strong financially so that neither your life nor the lives of your loved ones are ever disrupted due to the lack of financial security.

Lead a life without fear. Be prepared.
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I don't think there can be any two ways about the importance of insurance, the importance of planning for hard times. Protect your dreams, save them from being hijacked by the uncertainty of life. It's never too late to plan. Don't wait for something to hit you out of the blue, be ready for it. In fact, make 'khud ko kar buland' one of the mantras of your life. As you walk the tightrope of life make sure you have the safety harness fastened. With that taken care of you can keep walking without having to worry at every step. It's all about planning so that when your worst nightmares come true, you will not be caught unawares. Some forethought is all that is needed. Plan to be strong, plan to lead a life without fear. Khud kor kar buland! Khud ko kar buland!


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