Do you know how memories are made?

What are some of the things most precious to you? Family? Yes, that makes sense. But if I were to ask you about something intangible what would your answer be?

I’ll leave it to you to contemplate on this. But do you want to know what my answer would be? Memories. Yes, memories for me are those fine threads that weave life, strand by strand.

The strange and perhaps magical thing about memories is that the best ones are formed when you least expect. They tip toe into your hearts and almost instantly form a rapport with you, tugging forever, keeping you connected to parts of yourself from the past.

Imagine a life devoid of memories. What would it be like? Very close to a life lost, even before you cross over, don’t you think so? Memories are your silent companions, always there by your side. You can count on them to enrich your lives. With memories by your side you can never be lonely even if alone. With memories by your side you’ll always have a page to turn back to, to relish and relive. And that’s why forming memories is so important. They bring along the gift of camaraderie and lifelong ties.

Moments which seem insignificant often make for splendid memories. Something like a father-daughter duo spending an entire day at the beach could very well be one. He teaching her tricks of having fun with the waves, swimming together. He holding her tightly when the waves seem too big for her. Carefully allaying her fears when she’s too scared and at times even carrying her on his back as they float about teasing the waves. The sun shining, almost as if smiling at their nonchalance, oblivious to the world. Running about in the sand, building castles. Collecting shells together as if precious stones. An ordinary day such as this on the beach is what memories are made of. And for a father and daughter this is nonpareil.

And bonds and memories even grow together, simultaneously. When a 5 year old Geronimo spends an entire day at the beach with two of his cousin brothers in tow that’s when their rapport gets cemented for life, memories defined. Running tirelessly from one end to the other. Testing the cold sea waters with his brothers, pulling out strange things from it and having a blast dragging those around. Playing in the sand and even sampling it at times to see what all the fuss is about. It becomes even more special when he goes about doing all these things buck naked, without a care in the world, because someday in the future this will be a day they recall while pulling each other’s legs.

"Every ordinary day is a memory. But no memory is ever ordinary."

On my beach retreat last week I saw many such memories being made. Sisters and girlfriends spending their day swimming, talking, drinking and clicking pictures of each other. Young couples stealing a moment or two together, a temporary stop in perhaps their very hectic lives. Aged couples reminiscing about their glorious years as one, hoping to gaze at many more beautiful sunsets together. Kids playing and perhaps enjoying the most among the entire lot. And I was there too stealing away priceless moments with S.

Memories made are invaluable instants saved to be lived through again in the future. So what are you waiting for? Go make some memories. Go on. Go!

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