Dear Pimple, it's Over!

Dear Pimple,

The very first time I heard about you was as a 10 year old girl. I was told that you would come into my life when I become a teenager. And that it would be a momentous occasion in my life. So I waited, and anxiously too, for you. Silly me! I was so eager to grow up that I thought you were a friend, not a foe. Of course, now I know that I shouldn't have! At that point in time, I guess, I didn't know better. So when my friends came to school with stories of visits by you, I would silently wonder about what I had done to offend you? The fact that you eluded me, disturbed me. Was something wrong, I often pondered? This continued for years and eventually I stopped waiting for you altogether.

I had grown wiser and realized how lucky I had been to not have crossed paths with you. But as luck would have it, you did pay me a visit finally. A little late, yes, but even so. It was during my first year in Bangalore. And now I must say not knowing you was something I’d choose over knowing you any day.

All those times you called on me have been, let’s just say, very unpleasant. The redness and marks you brought along made it a nuisance to say the least. And to top it all, your habit of appearing at the most awkward of moments strained the relationship further. I remember you paying me a visit a few days before my wedding too. Boundary issues, yes you have it too. So, of all the occasions, you also emerged threatening my sanity on a day I could have very well done without you. But I didn’t suffer silently, did I? Because I had the weapon to fight you with, to ward you off and I still do. My trusted face wash, often Garnier PureActive Neem too.


Today I write to you to end this on and off relationship between us. And since I know the reason for your visits, I must tell you that I’ll ensure that I give you no cause to. While I was in Shillong the lack of pollution protected me from your wrath. In Bangalore, the dust and pollution make it a little hard I agree. But since I carry a face wash with me always, I think staying away from you won’t be much of an issue. When I won’t allow dust and it’s accomplices to settle on my skin, you’ll also not be able to pay me a visit, will you?

With you, dear pimple, the day begins on a depressing note. So I ensure, and will too in the future, that I don’t give you a chance to ruin my day. By now you know that come hell or high water I’ll always use a face wash because I have no wish to get to know you any better. We really have nothing in common to meet that often. I think, thus, this is the end for us.

Take care and let’s not meet again ever!