Product Review : Dettol Multi-Use Original Wipes

Health and Hygiene are two words that can hardly be termed as being mutually exclusive of each other. In fact as much as my memory serves, these have been typically used together. And why not as well? You and I both know that health without hygiene isn't really ideal after all.

Of-course, there are several ways to ensure that your hygiene quotient qualifies for your good health. But today we will talk about something, the use of which, in one of the most basic of ways, can go a long way in guaranteeing less frequent visits to the doctor’s clinic. But first let’s just agree that if there are a few golden rules to good health then hygiene certainly falls among the top few.

Today I present to you Dettol Multi-Use Original Wipes which, in my view, have been designed keeping two very important things in mind, health and hygiene. They can be used on skins and surfaces. So multipurpose, they certainly are. When I received the pack, I decided to use it for both purposes that it claimed to be suitable for. And I’ll tell you here how it all went. So keep reading.

Living in Bangalore, dust is like an unwanted yet permanent companion in my life. Commuting to office often turns into a nightmare due to this, among several other things of-course. The fact is no matter how fresh you feel after the morning shower, you end up being coated with a generous amount of dust the moment you step out of the house. And for the past one and a half months with S being away, I have found myself in the same situation while waiting for the office bus. This actually was one of the reasons why I decided to use Dettol Multi-Use Original Wipes. I wanted to see how it works on my dust dabbed skin. Yes, standing on the side of a busy road does that to you. Moving on, the first thing I did for the past week or so on reaching office was take a wipe and, well, wipe my face with it. Truth be told, I was apprehensive initially since I have a very sensitive skin. But you will be glad to know that it turned out alright. My delicate skin felt fresh and ready to deal with the rest of the day once the wipes cleared out a layer of dust off it. There are several wipes that I have used before but it would suffice to say that this one by Dettol certainly wins hands down. In fact, I have decided to keep one packet of these wipes each at office, in the car as well as in the kitchen.

Now the next part of my experiment was with my home. I don’t know where so much dust comes from really. I mean, I could dust twice a day but just like clockwork those mean little particles would be back on every goddamn surface and shelf, to mock me. Now I cannot even begin to describe the kind of brushes, clothes or sprays that I have for fighting this daily onslaught of dust. My husband calls me crazy and I guess you would too if you see me dusting one day. But the point here is that I have now added Dettol Multi-Use Original Wipes in my armory. They work quite well on my kitchen slab, glass shelves and almost everything I want to dust. So another claim substantiated I’d say. Oh and did I tell you my white microwave looks so much better, cleaner even, after being wiped with these wipes? I plan to use it to clean my refrigerator and chimney too this weekend.

All in all, Dettol Multi-Use Original Wipes, is a great product. And I think you could give it a try too. Whether at home, office or in your car, trust me these can come in handy. You could keep it in your shoulder bag too; doesn't take up that much space making it easy to carry it everywhere. So go ahead, give it a try.

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***This is a sponsored product review but the views expressed are mine.***