One #HowWeMet Story

Don't you sometimes feel that in this exceptionally connected world of ours you are still, somehow, so very disconnected? It's strange but true in so many ways. A connected disconnection, if I may say so. An oxymoron but a reality nevertheless. Yes, you are all there for each other, commenting, liking and sharing but you'll have to admit, the charm of being in the same room, talking face to face is something technology can never out-date. Or, as Starbucks says good things happen when we get together.

Reminisce for a moment about a time when you met someone who was, maybe still is, special for you. When you hugged, cried and shared stories over a cup of coffee. It does bring a smile on your lips, doesn't it? It's moments like these which end up in that scrapbook of life; those you can think about time and again. It's moments like these that help you get through those hard times in life.

I too have many such moments, memories rather. I guess we all do. Those pearls in life's memory lane which makes a stroll along it's shores worthwhile. It was the time when I had just come back from Sydney. My flight had reached Bangalore a little past midnight. S and I weren't married then. Yes, it was during those dating years of ours. Thus, you could say definitely exciting. We were meeting after almost an year apart. And let me tell you that's a long, long time to be away from the one you love. That night I saw him standing at the arrivals lounge waiting for me and suddenly everything was worth it. There he was just as he had promised. S and I talked throughout that night like we had never before, oblivious to people who walked in and out of the cafe, taking short breaks along their very own journeys of life. A challenge overcome, a relationship stronger than before and the realization of it all cemented over a conversation at close quarters, that was what that night was all about. One of my very own #HowWeMet stories for you.

No matter how much you remain in touch through social media or calls, meeting your friends and family face to face can never get too old. I have blogger friends with whom I'm connected virtually all through the day but even then meeting them is far better than, say, commenting on their threads or posts. Meeting my sister over a cup of coffee at Starbucks is another ritual that has made it's way in to my life. One of my favorite #HowWeMet moment actually. Even though we call each other at least 5 times a day or stay on Whatsapp 24X7, nothing can compare those moments when we are together, talking about everything under the sun. Of-course, the cherry on the cake is that special smile that my coffee addict of a sister flashes every time I take her to Starbucks on our days together. I guess what I'm trying to say here is meeting personally always trumps any other means of being connected.

If you go through more stories here: or even think about your own, you'll come to the same realization as many,many others before you. A real hug is more powerful than a smiley you share online. A real conversation is more cathartic than a chat online. Meeting is more powerful than any call or any conversation online. The human element, the human touch is what makes relationships tick. Thus, real is better than virtual anytime, all the time. And like I mentioned before something good always comes out of it.

And that's why I love the Starbucks microsite where real people have shared real stories, of authentic moments of human interactions which have led to rapports that have the prospective of lasting a life time.

In fact, why don't you read some #HowWeMet stories here and perhaps share your own too?


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