#MicroBlogMondays: A Challenge & Books I gotta Read!

Just a month left for the curtains to drop on the year that was. It seems just like yesterday that we celebrated the advent of 2014, clueless about the many possibilities and now just as quickly we are ready to bid goodbye to it too. To say time flies would really be an understatement. A year gone by too soon. 

Lots of travel, some medical problems, accidents and then finally some respite was what my 2014 was made of. Guess it was a year that tested me and then tested me some more, teaching me some valuable lessons along the way. But I’m not here to talk about the lessons today. Today I’ll talk about books. Yes, you heard that right. Books.

There was a period this year when I just couldn't find the time or inclination to read. But somehow I found my way around that obstacle, and the last few months have been nothing but great on the reading front. Fulfilling is perhaps the right word for it. I’m with a book or my tab reading an e-book whenever I find a gap or opening in my schedule. And I simply love it! It’s like I’m in a race against time to read!

2015 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge

So keeping in mind this strange unquenchable thirst to read all the books out there, all the wonderful stories in the world, I thought why not take part in a reading challenge next year? Something that will give me that extra impetus to read. And that is exactly what I found here, hosted by thebookvixen.com, it is for people like me, and maybe like you, who love reading. The challenge runs throughout 2015 and its sole aim, in my view, is to provide that extra nudge to pick up one book after the other. So I’m signing up for it today and I plan to read at-least 50 books next year. I feel like I’m on fire already! Or, maybe it's the excitement speaking. It's a reasonable expectation really, considering my job, household chores and of-course those unseen roadblocks that lay ahead. But hey I can always exceed the limit, can't I?

I'll be tracking my progress using my 2015 shelf in Goodreads. And I'm already thinking about the books that I'll finally get my hands onto.

So as I sign up, I ask you to recommend me some books too. Or, tell me about some authors whose works I definitely have to read. And in the process, maybe, you can sign up too?


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