#MicroblogMondays: And it's almost over...

Just over a week to go and 2014 will eventually come to an end. Can you believe it? I surely can’t. Well, alright, I can but don’t really want to. I mean with the curtains being drawn on 2014 another year of my life comes to an end, another year lost. But then again, maybe not.

2014 has been quite a year so far and there are still a few days left in it. And who knows what could happen in that time? A week after all is enough for a lot of things to change.

If you ask me how to describe my 2014 I would have to say that it has been a mixed bag of a year so far. A lot of ups and downs. A lot of obstacles undoubtedly. But then again an equal measure of happiness and progress. The optimist in me wants to stay with the positive affirmations, and hence see it as a year well-spent.

A lot of things transpired this year and maybe it would be wise to weigh the positives as well as the negatives to see the final picture. The former to count those pieces of good fortune and the latter, again, to count those boons which helped in coming out of one difficult situation after the other. Perhaps, I could paint a picture of with my words, to read again at a later point in the future.

This year was a lot of things for me; some good while some bad. But a year that I'll definitely remember.

I discovered within me, as before, a deep reserve of strength while alone. For me this was one of the best aspects about this year. Those months alone reaffirmed my faith in myself. Yes, I did get lonely at times but I didn't make S or anyone else drop everything they were doing to come and keep me company. This, I must tell you, is a feeling I truly cherish.

People say long distance relationships don’t survive but S and I have over the years, both before and after marriage, spent several months away from each other but if anything our rapport has only emerged stronger, each time. And this year too was no different. The distance only cemented our bond further and we are proud of it. It wasn't easy but then the best things in life aren't!

Health was quite a bit of a concern this year. Mom and Dad’s health issues, Mom’s operations, one followed by an unexpected other; all of these thrust us, head on, towards some extremely difficult times. It wasn't easy. And I won’t say I was prepared for it or that I didn't let it affect me. It did and very seriously too. But the time has passed now and my parents are fine, getting better every day (touch-wood!). So a new lesson learnt, a lesson to treasure periods without disasters and to not sulk over minor issues at the drop of a hat. A crucial experience that has made me wiser and definitely stronger.

My dream of visiting Europe came true this year with S taking me to some of the places on my travel wish list. It was something S and I did for ourselves after a long, long time and it made us happy, content in many ways. These trips were a welcome relief from the usual rigmarole of life, and certainly made for memories to cherish forever.

And then some quality time with my sister, 2014 gave me that too. It had been quite some time since I had spent an extended holiday or even time with her. This year after her transfer to Bangalore I got to spend almost 2 months, all with her, just like old times and need I say I loved every bit of it?

I think 2014 gave me a lot more than it took away. Yes, there are certain threads which need mending, certain pieces of life’s puzzle which make me anxious, all due to turns I was forced to take this year. But overall I think I can still walk away from 2014 with a smile.

I don’t know what 2015 has in store for me but then I’m sure it won’t be too bad either. That is perhaps the least I can hope for. And if it does come up with undesirable blows, well, I’ll face them with as much vigor as I possibly can. I do have some plans for 2015 but only time will tell if I’m able to realize any. Meanwhile, I’ll just keep ticking things off my day to day to-do list.

So tell me how was your 2014? Your take away from it? And what do you wish for 2015?
Written for StirrUp Queens MicroBlog Mondays