An Italian Summer

When life gets too overwhelming and burnout seems more than just a fancy term; escape is the only option; travel the only solution.

Honestly, I'm the quintessential reluctant traveler. I remain in two minds about the trip up until the very moment I land at the destination. But once there I soak in everything possible, all the sights and sounds. Yes, you could call me a traveler with contradictions. For me the vacation has to be laid back. Somewhere in a secluded place, away from the pandemonium of the world, is where lies my ideal vacation spot. Somewhere I can read, drink, eat and just whirl away time at ease.

There are many places where I want to go before I close my eyes for good. But of all the places on my list there's somewhere special that I absolutely have to be or rather see. Italy. 

Unfortunately, during my sojourn in Europe this year, I missed out on checking Italy off my list. Lack of time or the wrong dominoes falling, reasons could be any and so I missed it. But the yearning and resolve remain. And maybe, just maybe, sometime in the near future, I'll be there. So it's not a surprise that my wishlist is all about my Italian Summer!

I have read about them in books and experienced them through written words and pictures. And someday I'll walk the streets of these very places in reality, check each of them off my Wish List.

Liguria lies in the coastal region of North Western Italy. This fascinating region has a landscape worthy of capture in every canvas. I can imagine standing on the cliffs overlooking the sea, contemplating my life while the sun sets. Just the thought makes me excited.

Lucca is another jewel of Italy that I want to visit for it's architecture and maybe even attend the Summer Festival held there. It's renaissance era city walls is also another aspect that excites me about the city.

Tuscany. Do I even need to tell you anything about it? The birth place of renaissance; a region famous for it's wines, history, traditions, landscapes and more, is a place I need to see before my journey ends. It's fair to say that any Italian Wish List is incomplete without Tuscany on it.


Verona, as much as I have read about it, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy. It's annual fairs, heritage and beauty is definitely worth a visit. And hence is it really a surprise that I have it here on the list?

Positano is an enclave in the hills which leads to the coast. Mesmerizing is perhaps the only word that I can think of befitting of it's magic. And hence I'd give anything to spend a few carefree days there.

I sure hope S reads this for I would love to go for a Summer retreat to these places before life gets too busy and knotty to even think of a vacation. If you are reading this S (if not I'll make sure that you do), maybe you could gift me this Italian Summer as our Anniversary present next year? Yes, think about it and seriously too!

Now that was all about my Travel Wish List, tell me about yours before you go! Go on, I'm waiting!

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