#MicroblogMondays 11: Grateful Mondays

How was your weekend? Good? Awesome?

Staying away from office does wonders to the soul, doesn't it?

Well, I certainly had a great time. I met up with two of my favorite people for which I need to thank my blog. If it wasn't for it my horizon wouldn't have coalesced with theirs. And that would have been such a loss for I would have missed out on so much. So it’s safe to say my Saturday was well spent and in great company too. And then Sunday was spent lazing around the house, reading specifically. But the icing on the cake was that I didn't have to cook even a single meal in the weekend. My sister took care of that. Now, those who have been reading me for a while would immediately realize how happy that would have made me.

But then the inevitable happened; the weekend ended! Well, we can’t win them all, can we? So I dragged my very reluctant self to office and began waiting for Friday once again.

I must confess I dread Mondays, absolutely abhor them. And more so now. So why not brighten up the mood with a gratitude post? It has anyways been a long time since I’ve done one. Though I'm not particularly grateful for Mondays, I can surely be grateful for the other things in life which remain in-spite of Mondays. Sounds good? 

So here are a few things that made me happy last week, turned the frown upside down so to speak.
So that was my list. What about you? What made you smile last week? Come, share & read.

Be Happy. Be Grateful!


 MicroblogMondays 11