#MicroblogMondays: Gardens & Books Read

Purple, Red, Yellow, Pink, Orange and Blue scattered in a generous splash of Greens. I remember this about our garden in Shillong. And there were not only flowers but vegetables too. My mom and dad would spend weekends pruning leaves, watering, mulching and spreading fertilizers in the soil. But I never could understand their fascination towards gardening. Whether the excitement at first blooms or disappointment when a plant died, what brought about these I had no clue.

But today after about 7 years of leaving my home, after leaving Shillong, I must say maybe I do understand what they felt, and still feel about the plants in their, now compact but precious, terrace garden. Who would have thought someday I’d say that? Not me!

The mud, manure and manual work involved were always a deterrent when it came to gardening. Not at all my kind of hobby, I thought. In fact I don’t even recall helping mom with anything in the garden ever.

However, the moment I set foot in my own apartment I began having a strange kind of urge, unlike any I had ever had. Roses, marigolds, lilies and more in my cozy balcony, was the vision I saw every time I sat there with my cuppa. So with an orange China rose, i.e. hibiscus, and marigolds, began the very slow transformation of my balcony last December. The first blooms, what can I say, filled my heart with a bizarre kind of pleasure? Something I can’t quite explain. I fathomed at that moment my mother’s excitement while talking about her dahlias, chrysanthemums and roses. I understood why she felt angry when somebody plucked even a single flower from one of her pots.

Of-course, the honeymoon period was interrupted by my travels and few other problems. But I’ve began all over again last month. What can I say? A white rose, a yellow china rose, some tiny red flowers, coriander and tomatoes. Yes, that’s what I started with now. And I plan to plant some more. Of course, I’ve left the playing with mud part with S. I’m just happy with watering and admiring the colors and the blooms. Honestly, I can’t wait for the tomatoes, just too excited. I know having any sort of garden in a balcony is a challenge but then I’ve decided to make the most of it.

Well, that was about my new found interest in gardening sans the mud.

And, yes I finished reading ‘The Book Thief’ and ‘Before We Met’ last week. Both books were unputdownable. You should read them if you haven’t yet. My next read is ‘Before I go to Sleep’, will let you know how that went next week.

Take Care!