Dear Central Incisors

Dear Central Incisors,

How are you doing today? I don’t know why but I have this sudden strong urge to write to you. So here I am, writing! A queer letter perhaps? Nah, I think not!

Remember the time when your temporary twins had been taken away by the tooth fairy and there was a huge gap, right where you are now? The time just prior to the both of you arriving, driving through my gums? I do. Quiet clearly in fact. 

I was at my grandma’s for winter vacations at that point. And I remember Mom asking me not to push at my gums with my tongue, for apparently that would make you guys uneven, bent. But like always I had other plans altogether, didn't I? For some reason I decided I shouldn't listen to her at all. So I spent all my time thrusting the tip of my tongue at the vacant plot. And then when you guys finally showed up I was shoving at you too. And the result? Well, let’s just say it is something between two spaced monoliths and a passageway between two boulders.

It was only after a few years that I realized what I had done. While I could have had you with no gaps in between, I ended up separating you in the shape of an awkward V. I watched my friends and I knew instantly that they had all heeded to their moms. Bit by bit I became conscious of you, not so much in a negative way, but yes I knew it stood out. I stood out because of you.

On the first day of college a girl named Yvonne made fun of you. We were having ice-cream, remember? Well, I didn't say anything to her then because honestly it really didn't matter to me what she thought. Apart from being aware of you while laughing, I actually never felt bad about the shape I had you in. I think you along with your other cousins have been good to me. I never had to go to a dentist for a root canal or anything else. That in itself is an achievement, isn't it? Something I am thankful to you guys for.

S tells me that you were the first thing he noticed about me when we went on our first date, not in a bad way I should clarify. Honestly, I have never really been embarrassed by you. Yes, I would have surely liked if there were no gaps but then that didn't stop me from living my life, did it? So I have no complaints really. I might still not say cheese out of habit, but ashamed of you I certainly am not.

I guess I’m writing this to make a point here. Our mojo isn't in how we look, how good our hair is (I know for I have the world’s worst head of hair!), how perfect our smile is and the likes. As clichéd as it sounds it’s what is inside that really, truly matters. I’m happy that I didn't get carried away when at times you were made fun of by friends and acquaintances. I guess I never cared, nor do, about what others thought, or think, about me.

So thank you my dearies for being what you are, being there and letting me bite into those awesome chicken pieces , every time, without trouble. I wouldn't change you for the world!

Stay Sharp & Keep Biting!

PS: About biting, I’m not a Vampire, J

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