About Rush & a Book or Two

Why are we always in such a hurry, we Indians, myself included? Say, for example, why this innate dislike for queues? You could read Sid’s post here for more on our queue conundrum.

I feel if possible, and at times it indeed is, we just pretend that those in a queue do not exist at all. We march right ahead feigning urgency without regret. Or, maybe we do? Fake remorse but only when someone from the back calls us for it. Better yet we use offence as our defense for how dare anyone stop us from ignoring the queue? We are after all kings and queens in our heads. It’s as if waiting in a queue, following a rule, wasn't in our ‘How to live your life’ brochure. Don’t get me wrong even I hate having to wait. But I do, even if I sulk, I still follow the line however boring it all might be. Thus what I can’t understand is this innate hurry that we as a nation seem to be in.

Look at our streets! Where do I even begin? Those on foot cannot seem to wait for the traffic lights to signal a safe passage. It’s like at any moment a whistle is blow inside our head and we run. Who cares if it’s into a barrage of poorly driven cars? I’m guilty of this too. In fact, a few months back when I was in Europe I found it so hard to wait for the green walk symbol to cross virtually empty streets. The Indian in me wanted to just run to the other side. Of-course, the fear of being fined and the strong grip of S stopped me from, well, being me. So you see what I mean? We are in a perpetual state of haste for some strange reason. And I have no idea what that is.

Bikes swish-swoosh through the streets with no respect for direction or even people for that matter. In fact, apart from roads they lay claim on the footpaths too. But then are our cars and buses behind? Oh certainly not. Have you seen how we all drive? Traffic signals are a nuisance to us. Be it red, amber or green we always push the accelerator with the same might. Cars with the ‘L’ symbol on them are not spared either. I think we are bullies in many ways. For us, only our time is valuable while anyone else could just go take a hike for all we care. I don’t know if we will ever change. Perhaps our population equation is one of the reasons for this hurry, callousness and disrespect for rules? Maybe. But still I don’t see why we can’t try to be better at it and maybe, just maybe, control this urge to break every basic rule. I mean we could start with not crossing the road unless it is advisable by the color of the signal to do so? I’m sure population or disparity in wealth as a nation has nothing to do with that?

I guess it’s something we all need to ponder on.

Well, in other news, I finished reading Dissolution by C.J Sansom yesterday. It is set in the 1500s in England at a time when monasteries were being dissolved. I took time with this one but it was definitely worth it. In fact, one of the best written books in terms of attention to detail with respect to the subject and era. So I can definitely say that the past one week was well spent read. The next book in line is Police by Jo Nesbo. Will let you know how this one goes.

That’s all for today.

Have a great weekend.


PS: No Offence meant to anyone. Just my observation.

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