A Missed Touch

It had been two months, two very long months since Pete left for an assignment in Lucerne. Autumn had turned to winter bringing the holidays along. Yes, it had been that long, a season had changed since he had gone while Mary waited, waited for him to be back.

© Nabanita Dhar
Yes, there were calls, text messages, video chats too but then it wasn't the same. She knew. And he knew too.

However, it was only when they were alone, in the silence of their own thoughts, that they realized how much they longed for each other.

Lying down on a cold, single bed Pete missed Mary curling up against him. Their very own jigsaw puzzle.

‘How I wish you were here to annoy me with you constant hugs Mary’ Pete thought every night. This feeling of absence, of being incomplete never seemed to let go of him. Her innocent touch, a pat on his bag back or just a kiss, he realized was what got him through most days.

Mary felt the same thing. She missed Pete walking up to her in the kitchen, sneaking up almost and hugging her from behind. His scent, the feeling of her back against his broad chest and the peck on her cheek, she missed them all. Just thinking about all these made her realize how empty her life was without him, how meaningless in so many ways.

‘Just come back Pete’ she murmured sitting in front of the television but not really watching it. The pictures and sounds were inaudible to her for she was in a different world, one where Pete's thoughts latched onto her.

It was the bell that finally shook her off her open eyed reverie. Keeping the remote aside she walked up to the door and removed the safety chain. Pete had asked her to be careful. He worried about her living alone while he was away. He hated leaving her alone even if he knew well that she could take care of herself.

It was late and she wasn't expecting anybody. So while turning the door knob she kept thinking who could it be?

Maybe because it was so unexpected that as soon as she pushed the door she froze. She stood dumbfounded at the sight of the man standing outside the door.

“Pete?” she mumbled and a smile appeared on her lips, one that had been missing for a long time. He stepped inside and keeping the bags down stood beside her. She could feel his breath on her face.

Slowly, almost in a trance, he pulled her close, placed his hands on her waist. And as they walked inside, waltzing their way to music which only they could hear, Pete whispered ‘I missed you. I missed your simple touch Mary.”

Tears appeared in the corner of her eyes as he then touched her cheeks softly, hugged her as he had never to make up for all those days they had been apart, devoid of that simple comforting touch that spoke of their love, their very own great boundless love. 

Pete had come back to bring back the security of that touch that he had himself been missing terribly, to bring back that feeling in their lives that made everything worthwhile. The touch of care, the touch of being there for each other. The beautiful and satisfying feeling of being just a touch away and not too far.


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