Review: Collegedunia

Do you remember the time after your 12th boards? I do. Anxious and apprehensive was how I recall feeling during those days. And rightly so. My future was about to be decided. Or, perhaps the better way to put it would be that a likely outcome of my life’s journey was to be determined. Of-course then it seemed like the biggest decision ever, my life was hanging in the balance. I’m not saying it wasn't so, only that there were perhaps other options as well, which I now know, about which I wasn't aware at that point in time. And so like every other student I wondered about the kind of college I would be studying in. I wondered about the city I would be spending 4 longs years of my life in. It was after all unknown; something which was apparently about to change the course of my life entirely.

Honestly, I had no idea about the colleges or even the courses to be frank. Everything was researched, forms filled and colleges applied to by my dad. I had left everything up to him. Of course, it was easy for him since his friends were spread all across India and gathering information about any college was easy. But the same was not true for some of my friends. For them it was hard.

10 years back most of the colleges, in India at least, didn't have a website. Some did certainly but not all. Internet was just beginning to spread its wings here. For us internet at that point only meant yahoo mails and chatting.

Anyways. It was not like today where a lot of information could be obtained on the internet. These days there are websites dedicated for colleges. We can actually research from within the confines of our home.

One of those websites is Collegedunia. And today we’ll learn a little about it.


In their words, ‘The website has been created to fulfill a vision of empowering students with knowledge so that they make a wiser decision while choosing their career and alma mater. is an extensive search engine for the students, parents, and education industry players who are seeking information on higher education sector in India and abroad. One can rely on for getting most brief and relevant data on colleges and universities. With the most interactive user interface and most validated content, we aspire to be the top education portals in coming days.’

Educational Classifieds. Sound interesting, doesn't it? intends to be the top most Educational Classifieds Portal in India. And if you have a look at it you’ll realize it has made an apt beginning, taking the right steps towards that. The website has information about Medical, Engineering, Science, Arts, Commerce, Law and Management Colleges. It also publishes news announcements pertaining to entrance exams like CAT.

I do understand that they might still be building their database and hence you might not find all the colleges of India here. But I think that's also a reason for that. It will take some time to get all the information together at one place considering the huge number of educational institutions that have suddenly come up all across the country. Nevertheless, it is still pretty comprehensive. Take a look here.

I was able to find my college and also a number of other institutions that I could think about. There’s information like fees, rating, email, address, website, photos, video, placement, UGC or AICTE approved status, eligibility, branches, and more. It’s a one stop destination to find out about prospective colleges. At-least I think it aims to be that and what I have seen certainly justifies that.


So next time you come across students or parents who are wondering about the avenues to find more information about colleges and courses, I think you could recommend Collegedunia to them. I’m sure it would be of some help.

*This is a sponsored post but the opinion is mine.