Pointers to keeping a Child Healthy

Health, they say is the most precious asset of all. Certainly true. We can’t really enjoy life if we are in the shackles of some illness, can we? Our future and the future of the world at large depends on our health. Yes, it’s as simple as that. And talking about future how can we forget children? They are after all the flag bearers, the ones who would take forward the legacy of the world. So it’s imperative that they are taken care of, that they are nurtured in the right way.

Now I’m not a mother yet so forgive me if some of my points are wrong. But just hear me out on what I think are necessary in terms of the health of children.

So here goes.

I hope it made sense, these points. I'm sure parents will have many more ideas for what needs to be done. My mind has only been able to conjure these. I now realize why my parents would be so concerned with what I eat and with my health in general. They knew, just like any other parent I'm sure, how important it was to build the foundation for health. See I was so wrong in not drinking milk. Today one of the reasons for my brittle and falling hair is definitely my long standing antipathy with it!

So all the best to all the parents. Keeping doing the good job that you are in taking care of your children after all a healthy child makes a happy home.