How To Be Happy?

Day 5 of the Write Tribe Festival and we are sharing tips today.

Before I begin though, let me share a very interesting link for us bloggers: 7 Ways to build a successful Blog. I'm sure you'll find it handy.

Now what tips do I give? Tough prompt, this one I must say!

Did you know that I've been consciously trying to be a positive person for the past two months? To be frank health issues in the family actually pushed me towards this. Let's just say I was tired of being unhappy & upset. Of-course, there were moments when I relapsed into the arms of hopelessness but then I also bounced back, at-least tried to. So why not share with you a few tricks about being happy, being positive, because let's face it the world isn't as rosy a place as we would want it to be?

Now go make some of your own Pixie Dust & be Happy!

By the way did any of my tips make sense to you at all? Just say yes even if it didn't?

Stay blessed!


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