Of Fair-Weather Friends and their Shenanigans

The husband has had to move back to Germany again for some time and honestly I can't help but sulk. Of-course, there's only so much one can do. The job does need some sacrifices.

You look like you are thinking about something. What is that? What a load of crap you say eh? Yes, I know I feel the same way. And hence grumpy and angry is what I've been throughout the day. Don't blame me though, the heart doesn't really any understand logic. Or, even if it does it doesn't care much for it.

So anyways, S has had to travel all of a sudden and this lead to a discovery of sorts. Yes, something pertaining to what we call friendship.

Here's the gist. S was looking for accommodation in Dusseldorf and that's when we realized that we should never help anyone because no one returns the favor, ever!

His friend 1, let's just say he's a neanderthal for whom S cooked while they lived together in Dusseldorf for a month. Every damn day he would cook for that God-Forsaken fellow because apparently he didn't know how to cook. When this friend 1 was in need of an apartment S offered him a place to stay. But when S needed a place and that too for a month and a half at the most, that very friend 1 said it would be difficult for him to adjust in a huge 2 BHK! And mind you S was going to pay half the rent. You know I wanted to call that man and give him a piece of my mind but with S being the forgiving kind that was out of the question.

Next it was the turn of friend 2 to disappoint. S has known him for a long time. But in spite of that that friend couldn't keep S at his place because apparently his house is too small. This I must say is not true. I have been there you know. I wanted to remind that dude of the countless times people, including my husband, had helped him. But then people who need to be reminded of things won't really get the point, will they?

Of-course S and I don't like taking anyone's help. We like doing things ourselves and that is what we have done ever since we can remember. It is only when he needs to travel for an assignment that the question arises of searching for a shared accommodation. Well, our great company doesn't provide any you see. Then too the question of taking a shared apartment comes only after all the other avenues yield no result. We usually prefer renting an apartment ourselves, saving a few bucks against comfort isn't really our line of thinking. But this time S couldn't get an apartment or hotel, not within the time that was left in hand. Hence, we had to ask but then also we only asked people S had helped at one point in time or the other. Or, whom he had thought of as friends. But then these days this thing called friendship is mostly one sided or dead, isn't it?

Well, everything apparently happens for a reason. So at least now we know that they are people who only know how to ask for help, other than that they invest nothing in friendships.

S is very simple at heart. He never even gets angry at people you know. But I know better. I have had my share of fair weather friends and let's just say I don't want S to go through the same. A part of me curses those people and wants them to suffer. And I quite like that part I must say. I say they deserve that. Imagine you are talking to someone thinking of him as a friend and he refuses to help that too in a veiled manner. Wouldn't you be insulted or hurt too?

Why are people like this? I don't really understand. You know in spite of all this I know S will still not even flinch in helping either of them if they are in need. As for me, well, I can't be so sure about doing the same myself. Let's just say I'm not really the forgiving or forgetting kind!

So before you leave tell me about your run-ins with this species of fair-weather friends!