#MicroblogMondays : All Hogwash & that Celebrity Crush

Sleep deprived and exhausted is what I feel right now. While people are coming back to office rejuvenated after a long, long weekend, here I am all drowsy and crabby. Why? Well let’s just say my time in the kitchen was a little too elaborate for my liking. Yes, while everyone else was busy enjoying a few days off I was mixing dough and sautéing vegetables. Oh and might I add, in the course of all these I have begun churning out chapatis like a pro, right and left. Almost as if my rear is on fire! Not a feat I wanted to achieve. Trust me!

On top of all that just to add insult to injury, the month long lull at office seems to have come to an end. Today I’ve so much work to do that I’m not even ashamed to admit that running away is the foremost thing on my mind.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

In other news, I’ve been promoted. Yes, well not that I’m in love with what I do for a living but a promotion or two doesn't hurt right? After all the salary needs to keep up with the cost of living, if nothing else.

And at the Stirr-up Queens we are talking celebrity crushes this week. Yes, those onscreen infatuations & obsessions. You must also have at-least one right? No one is ever too old for a crush. So where do I even begin? My celebrity crushes! Alright - Simon Baker, Tom Hanks, Benedict Cumberbatch and David Boreanaz are just a few of the many, many I keep having. But Simon Baker definitely tops the listen list. He is, well, let’s just say out of the world! Take a look and tell me you don't love him too!

If the husband is reading this, there’s absolutely no reason to worry!

And now back to work.

See you tomorrow. Or, at least I hope so!


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