Lovely Uncertainties..

Mount Everest, maybe I could climb and reach its summit one day. Or, perhaps go skiing in the Alps. Would be so wonderful breathing in the pure and chilly air, wouldn't it? Visit the beaches of the Caribbean or sip some sparkling wine while on a cruise across the Mediterranean. Or, someday go snorkeling around the Great Barrier Reef too. And maybe I could walk the streets of Rome in my favorite summery outfit fulfilling a long pending wish. Visit a patisserie in Paris or dive into the colors of Japan. Read a book sitting in Central Park or witness the Aurora Borealis. I could actually do anything I want, at any time. Nothing or no one could stop me you know. And do you know how? Well, with the power of my imagination, with the magic of creativity and of-course the internet but all of this if I have the intent.

Knowingly, or unknowingly, we tend to tread the path of certainties. That’s the natural tendency we are born with. Study, get a job, get married, have a family, and then retire. Somehow the blue prints are alike for you, and I. Even the Presidents and CEOs. We follow a more or less set pattern with variables which we choose ourselves. Maybe you chose to become a doctor while the annoying bully in your school chooses to be a real estate agent. But mostly there are some to-dos in life, similar to-dos, which we keep ticking off as we move forward.

This is where passion, interest or rather creativity steps in, when we chose to take a diversion, some moments to do something unlike the mundane rigmarole of life. And when this desire to follow this uncertainty grows we leap into it completely, with every shred of courage we can muster. That’s when inspiration turns our lives upside down, gives it more meaning so to speak. That’s when we become a little more than we are. That’s when we become what we, maybe, are meant to be. But it is the risk we need to take, the stops we need to make and the idea we need to recognize, to go that way. And it all happens when we let go of certainties. That’s when something precious is created or felt. Like those paintings, books or inventions. And all that is needed is the pluck to take that first step, to keep walking, come what may. To nudge ourselves in the direction, to find time in spite of the lack of time. To do and keep doing; living through uncertainties.

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties ~ Erich Fromm


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