Join Us & Say No To Inequality

Today at Write Tribe we are taking part in Blogging Action day. Beginning in 2007, on this day every year bloggers from all around the world have blogged on topics such as Water, Climate Change, Poverty, Food, Power of We and Human Rights. All this to create awareness, to bring about a positive change. I'm happy to be participating this year, lend my voice to a cause.

The topic this year is INEQUALITY and we are answering a question related to the topic today.

Where is it okay for inequality to exist?


That is the answer that comes to my mind and to your mind too I'm sure. A world with equal opportunities for all is what we all crave for. But you and I both know that that is an Utopian concept, a dream rather. But then there's nothing stopping us from coveting such a world, is there?

I know inequality exists in almost every sphere. It's a complex problem really. But I want to talk about Gender Inequality. Yes, coming from a woman it's not really surprising, is it? Yes, it is something that I personally feel very strongly about and so here it is.

When I recently got promoted, ahead of a male colleague of mine, I was made to feel as if I had personally wronged him. In fact, he was asked if he had any problems with me, openly, in a meeting room. The fact that I had worked hard for it and even deserved it didn't seem to matter. What I was made to feel was that it was only due to some HR policies where I got more ticks then him that I got promoted. You see what I mean? I don't think they would have done it if it was between two men. In-fact I know it for a fact that they wouldn't have done it. Yes, even in the so called educated echelons it exists.

I know many quote names of successful women when one talks, or even tries to talk, about gender equality. But honestly I think we still have miles to go before we can say that our society is devoid of bias based on sex. Don't you feel the same way too? Of-course we are at a better standing today compared to, say, when our mothers were our age but I feel that's not enough. The journey had begun, no doubt, many years ago but the destination is not yet visible, not even in the distant horizon. Women are still expected to compromise, make lives of men in their lives easier, not voice their opinions in office and elsewhere. Blatantly put the cause needs to be pushed more and without skepticism.

Just a few days back I heard Emma Watson speak. The #HeForShe campaign if you recall. In her speech she made a very pertinent point. How feminism has become a bad word that even women shy away from associating themselves with. Even I don't understand how standing up for the rights of women turned into something dark, something worthy of being ridiculed. 

So today I call out to all those women who think feminism is an glorified concept. Don't belittle women's issues and ignore the prejudices against them all the while saying feminists only care about bashing men. It's not true. And even you know that's not true! We need to be united to ensure that the next time a woman boards a bus alone at night she is not subjected to taunts or something far worse. We need every woman's support to ensure that the next time a woman is promoted she is not made to feel guilty about it. We need to hold hands to ensure that a woman is not expected to cook a five course meal after coming back home, all tired, after a day's work at office. We need to be together to get what we deserve -EQUAL TREATMENT!

Safety, security, career, or even rest after a hard day at the office - many women still need to fight for these for apparently they are privileges only for men.

Don't sit on the fence saying feminists are all wrong, that they exaggerate women's issues. Don't do that. You know what the realities are. Why do you think women still need special coaches or reserved seats in trains & buses to avoid being groped? Why do you think a woman is still asked to give up her aspirations to take care of her family? Why do you think even a well established and economically stable actress was publicly shamed in the media for raising her voice against intimidation?

INEQUALITY when it comes to WOMEN vs MEN is a reality. There's just no denying that. So again I ask are you with me or not? Will you also add to the voices of women from all around the world to bridge this gap?

And my dear men, I know you have problems too. But please at-least today don't argue saying I should not speak about women's issues because men don't raise theirs. Feel free to raise your issues too. Trust me I'll support you if it is genuine!