Some Reflections and a Positive Affirmation

Oh what joy! Sunday is finally here. I can almost smell the sweet scent of relaxation laced with mischievous tinges of joy. Can’t you?

After an entire week running around ticking chores off the to-do list don’t you think we deserve not one but at least two Sundays a week? Some food for thought eh? I’m sure most of you agree. And those who don’t, well why don’t you folks think about it over a cup of coffee, glass of wine or a mug of beer perhaps? Whichever suits you! Just sit on that easy chair and think where you’d rather be, this chair or at office. And wallah we’ll have you on our side in no time. That’s a given!

A couple of days back I was going through some inspirational quotes on Pinterest where I found this one.

Take time to do what makes your soul happy’

Such a simple sentence but one that makes so much sense, doesn’t it? Think about it for a moment.

In this huge rush we choose to call life, do you know what we neglect the most? Take a guess.


Yes, it’s true you know. We end up chasing after so many things that we forget to ask ourselves if we are indeed happy. Instead of living a life, we end up living through a routine. Makes sense? But then there are also those who only do what makes their hearts twirl with joy. Lucky characters I must say. But they, my friend, are the ones who truly know how to be happy.

I’m guilty of neglecting myself from time to time. I do try though. But everything else takes over just like a city being run over by enemy forces. Office, the worn out rhetoric of working hard, doing well, taking care of home, loved ones, kitchen, cooking, saving for the future and what not. It just swallows you up in an avalanche of responsibilities. And before you even notice that soul of yours cries silently every night in a cold corner of your heart buried under what you call obligations.

Have you ever thought why children are the happiest? They seem to have no care of the brutal world. In fact, theirs is truly the world of dreams. Do you know why? No. not because they are children silly. Tsk tsk. It is because they aren’t afraid to follow their hearts. They err, are scolded. They cry but they still follow their hearts.

Sometimes, well actually most of the times, I wish that I could go back to the spring of my life. Become a child again so to speak. But life doesn’t have the reverse gear, does it? Nevertheless have you ever wondered why it is so hard listening to our hearts once we become the so called ‘responsible adults’? Why are we so petrified of letting our hearts take over? Isn’t the heart right in more ways than one most of the time?

Well enough said. From now on I’ve decide to make this quote my mantra in life. Yes, amongst many other mantras. Of-course I’ll take it one day at a time. Let’s see how much I’m able to follow it. I wouldn’t know if I didn’t try, would I?

In this context I thought I’d share with you some of the things that make me happy. Some of the things that I plan to take time out for no matter how busy the day gets. You know how much ever is humanly possible. Then you can share your list too. How does that sound? Good?

Alright then.

Reading. Fiction. Yes, these are the words that give me a different high altogether. One that I just cannot put into words.

Writing or Blogging. I think a lot of the positivity in my life comes from my blog. I smile from ear to ear every time I’m able to write to my heart’s content.

Eating in a restaurant. A quirk I know! But I just love trying different cuisines. And since I hate cooking this works out best for me.

Listening to music. I think we all enjoy music, don’t we? It’s relaxing and who doesn’t like being relaxed eh?

Dancing. Yes. But when no one is looking. When I'm alone at home I turn on the music and dance like I'm the best dancer in the world. You have no idea how happy that makes me.

Now tell me what brings happiness to you, to your soul. Singing, Dancing, Painting, Cooking, Reading or Writing. Tell me. Tell me! 

Go on I’m waiting J

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