Memories of School and Some More...

‘Oh God when will I be out of school?’

Do you remember feeling this? I do and very vividly too. Of-course, I also remember what grown-ups would tell us at that point.

‘The years spent in schools are the best years of your life. Don’t be in a hurry to get them over with.’

I would of-course laugh at them. Fools I thought. What did they know about the pressures of school, studying, homework and everything else that came along with it? They must have definitely forgotten what it felt like to be in school. After all they were grown-ups to me. But little did I realize then that I was the buffoon! Now when I’m a grown-up myself, a very bad one at that I must add, I understand what they meant. You have no idea how much I wish to relive my school days, those wonderful carefree days.

I remember reading at the speed of an express train. The Nancy Drew Series, Hardy Boys, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and more. I would keep the books on my lap, hidden from the teachers, and sometimes finish reading 2 books in a day. Yes, after all the books had to be passed around. There were others waiting in line. To say it was fun would just be an understatement.

Basket Ball Tournaments. Not that I played for I was obviously very bad at it. In fact the only time I had tried was also the very last. The ball had hit my nose as I attempted to bounce it. And that was it between basketball and me in terms of playing. But I loved watching the matches. Our team was one of the best in town. Also being an all-girls school, it was during such events that the boys’ schools turned up to support their favorite girls’ teams. I don’t have to tell you how much that excited us all during those days. There was a tradition in town, Boys School A would always support Girls School B and so on. So every year during the tournaments we would enjoy gawking at the good looking coaches, flirting a little and of-course losing our voice while supporting our teams.

The school picnics and fetes. Fetes because of the food, the fun and frolic. Of-course to also see how many of us were dedicated songs by the boys from the school next door. I know it’s cheesy to hear now but then we were just little girls in search of our Romeo. Yes, a lesson on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet didn’t do any good to our very young hearts at that point of time.

These are the memories that float in instantly when I think about school. Moreover, as work beckons I only have time for these many. Maybe I’ll tell you about some of the other memories another time.

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