I’m Misjudged Because…

September is here. Can you believe it? Well, I surely can’t.

This year has been quite the roller-coaster ride. So far at least. The first two months were spent fighting the HRs and Managers of the organisation where I work so that I could join my husband in Germany. Eventually I did. No thanks to them. After that S and I spent three beautiful months travelling. We really enjoyed some quality time together savoring the European winter followed by spring. But the fairy-tale ended as I had to get back to work. I had to come back harping that tune whereas truth be told I don't really love what I do for a living. The confused soul that I’m! Strangely now I look back and think – What was the rush?

Well now I can’t really turn back time, can I? So I guess I’ll have to live with it. Then came June. With it came health issues and so far I see no respite from them. A few days better than the rest certainly but the battle still wages on. But I'm somehow trying to be positive and hoping that it ends soon. Meanwhile can I let you in on a secret? It’s damn hard being positive. It’s probably right up there very close to giving birth to a child or getting yourself operated without anesthesia. God it’s tough!

Anyways, as September begins I find myself wishing for a bright day when everyone in my family can breathe easy. Until then the best I can do is write. I guess you knew that already, didn't you?

In other news this month too I plan to continue with Write Tribe’s Pro Bloggers Challenge wherein we sincerely attempt to blog every day. Truth be told nothing pacifies me more than writing. I think it is because I can’t express myself well when it comes to doing it vocally. It always happens that I ultimately end up saying something completely different from what I actually intended. Maybe that’s why writing, good or bad, is therapeutic for me. Maybe that’s why I should write. And maybe that’s why I will.

So today I’m planning to do a fill in the blanks kind of post. You know like the post – I’m Blank Because….Only this time it will be about something else.

I’m thinking it should be something like ‘I’m misjudged because…’


Well, let’s give it a try and see. Shall we?

So here goes.

I’m misjudged because….

I often think from my heart. I know it’s not possible and a terrible combination at that but I really do that.

I’m driven by emotions when it comes to people I love and that makes me vulnerable, prone to mistakes.

I’m terrible at expressing myself during arguments. So there, instead of solving I make things even more complicated.

I have too high expectations from those around me.

I get really angry when disappointed and in that I sometimes end up hurting, people I care about, unintentionally of course.

I feel so guilty after my bouts of anger that I tend to overcompensate which trust me is not pleasant.

I have the inability to fake or pretend when it comes to my feelings about someone and that always lands me in trouble. Always.

So there by now you probably must be thinking I’m such a disaster. You know you aren't wrong in assuming that. I certainly am a walking, talking and writing disaster in many ways. But then that’s just me!

But there must also be something in you that people fail to understand. What is it that causes you being misunderstood? Now now don’t you go away without telling me that!