Every Woman should...

Today I’m in the mood for a light-hearted post. You know something that is easy to write and doesn't put too much pressure on you as a reader. Yes, you can say a post that lets me off the hook easily.

But seriously tell me what do you think?

Good? Bad? Nothing?

Well, I seriously hope you nodded for the first!

So the post today is actually an idea that took shape from those 71 awesome templates for blog posts published in Write Tribe yesterday. With every intent of ticking each of them off my list during the course of the Pro-Blogger Challenge, today I begin with this - ‘5 qualities every woman should have.’

Hope the topic interests you. If yes, then shall we proceed?


Self-Respect – I know, I know I was going for an easy going post. Trust me it still is. Play along, will you? So as I was saying self-respect is something every woman should possess and guard fiercely. Often women compromise either to maintain peace and stability at home or in relationships. While all that is admirable, I think a line needs to be drawn. And I call that line ‘Self Respect’. No woman should have to lead a life at the expense of her dignity, her pride. And thus self-respect is something that each and every one of us must own and protect.

Empathy – I think this one quality that is absolutely essential for a woman. As clichéd as it sounds trust me it is crucial. But that doesn't mean that she should be the epitome of sacrifice. No Sir. A woman should be compassionate towards herself. She needs to recognize and believe that she deserves and must have a chance at happiness as much as the person next to her. So that is the second of the five must haves for a woman.

Passion – Life without it is pointless. Truly. But I’m talking about zeal for something other than relationships you know. Passion about reading, writing or travelling maybe? Could be anything but every woman must have that one obsession that gives layers to her as a person. That makes her happy. I guess this is applicable to every human being as such but since this post is about women let’s focus only on that aspect. So yes you, you the beautiful woman reading this, what is your passion? Do you have one?

'Her life, her choice. No guilt trips necessary!'

Brave – No I’m not talking about not fearing the dark or the dangers that lurk in every nook and corner. I’m talking about doing what you want to do in spite of your fears. As hard as it may be and as scared as you may be, you need to take every step possible against oppression of any kind. You need to stand up to anything that tries to suffocate you. It could be your work, your family. Anything! So this strength, this courage in spite of apprehensions is what I think each women must possess. Nobody said life would be easy but then what are we if not able to push ahead despite the trepidations!

Unapologetic – I know this is slightly controversial but hear me out. Women, well most of them, have this penchant to over compensate when they decide to do something for themselves. Almost as if they are guilty of following their dreams. I don’t know why this tendency exists or why is this expected from a woman. But I’ve realized that for a female it is must that she has an unapologetic attitude towards her choices in life. It’s simple. Her life, her choice. No guilt trips necessary!

So these were the five qualities I feel every woman should have. What do you think? Please share. Would love to read your view.

PS: These are  many qualities that a woman or in fact any individual must have. I just restricted myself to 5 :)

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