A Theory and Some Gratitude...

I have been testing a new theory lately. Well, not so much of a theory or not so much new for others or even you perhaps. But hear me out will you?

It's about happiness. It's about how hard or how easy it is to be happy.

You know I feel the whole universe, in periodic cycles actually conspires to make us unhappy. It throws these burning balls of challenges, mishaps and heart aches towards us. And as we are busy fending off one blow after the other the universe sits with a smile on its smug little face.

But as much as being happy depends on overcoming these testing times there's a method to being happy too in spite of all these. Yes, everything and everyone around us do affect how we feel each day but still there is a way to make sure that our happiness depends only on us. It is like a math problem that we can work at. Solve it by ourselves.

It all depends on us even at the worst of times. Happiness depends on us!

So the theory, yes, here it is. Wake up each day with the determination to be happy. Make sure no one or nothing in the world can dampen your spirits. Stand there, face everything yet remember to be happy. Yes, sounds ambitious I know. But it works. I'll admit it has only been a few weeks since I've been giving this a try but I do feel a sense of calm these days. A calm that had been missing for quite a while I must add. And that is a good sign don't you think?

Tell me what you think about this 'theory' of mine. And yes would you try it out as well?

Before I forget today is World Gratitude Day, another opportunity to be happy I say. A chance to be thankful for everything and everyone in our lives. So here's my list. Yes, I know some might say that we should be grateful everyday. Well, I'll do that too but it's always nice to celebrate on a special day as well I say.


I'm grateful to my family for the life I lead today is a gift from them

I'm grateful for having the good sense to chose a guy who respects me as my life partner. Looking at my track record of goof-ups can you imagine what would have happened if I had botched up on this!

I'm grateful for my friends, however few they might be, for they have accepted me with my quirks.

I'm grateful to that day when I decided to take up blogging. Trust me otherwise I would have been just another living being going about her daily chores at work and at home. A soul without purpose if you know what I mean.

I'm grateful to books that extend my life beyond horizons.

I'm grateful for having had the opportunity to grow up in Shillong. It has made me who I am and you know what I like who I am.

I'm grateful for the theories I keep coming up with to go on with a smile on my face.

I'm grateful for all my troubles for they help me come up with theories that I can blog about.

I'm grateful to Write Tribe. I love you guys. Thanks for indulging me and all those like me who love to write and blog just because they love doing it and not because of anything else.

Well that's my list for today. Now tell me what are you grateful for?

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