The Weekend Roundup

Hi there! How have you been today? All Good? Great! 

Well, the first 10 days of Write Tribe's Pro Blogger Initiative is over and I'm feeling great. It's wonderful to be part of a tribe I must tell you. And it is because of my tribe,Write Tribe, that I'm slowly getting back to my blogging groove. That's a good thing right?

Now about today's post. Well, I've been thinking about what I should write. But nothing worthwhile seems to be really coming to my mind. So I've decided to go for a free write today. I'm thinking may be I should tell you about my weekend. 

What say?


Let's give it a try, shall we?

So my weekend began bright and early on Saturday with S leaving for Delhi . Trust me when I say this that our Saturdays don't begin until at-least 10 in the morning. Really. The early weekend mornings don't happen unless either or both of us have to travel somewhere. 

After S left then began my usual weekend chores. So without wasting any more time I put my dusting gloves on. I must have spent 2 endless hours dusting the house. No, trust me I do clean my house regularly. But I don't really know where so much dust comes from. So much that it takes so much time to get rid of! Sometimes I wonder if I live in Bangalore or in the middle of the Thar desert. You won't believe how much dust accumulates within just a day! Of-course, the way I get completely lost in it amuses my entire family. In-fact, S often says that if someone ever decided to make a statue of mine, it would be with a dusting brush in my hand! Though I would much rather prefer it be a book but anyways. I'm sure S would have said the same thing or something along those very lines if he had seen me yesterday.

Once my battle with the minions of dust was over, I headed over to buy some fish. Being a Bengali has it's quirks. To say that we need fish would be an understatement. So once I was satisfied with backing up my fish stash I moved to my next stop, Lifestyle. With only a few days left for the 50% sale to be over I thought I should also pick something up. It was a good idea right? So off I went and picked up two pretty shirts for myself. But I've to confess something. Those were among the only items on which there was no discount! You know this always happens with me. I go to buy things when a sale is on but always end up putting my hand on the items which are not on sale. Well, if S was around he would have definitely pulled my leg on this, not that he won't do it over the phone!

After having spent almost the entire day outside yesterday, I'm spending my Sunday on my couch typing this as the television plays on to keep me company. I also plan to spend the evening reading. It's been a while since I've done that.

So that was about my weekend, quiet and not so eventful really. But do tell me what you did? How was your weekend?