Sailing through with Sheer Willpower

Irony truly has a queer sense of humor I must say. It has a knack of showing up at times one least expects. And trust me it kicks you right when you are about to recover from a great fall. Sadistic in every way imaginable. Fate I guess. Or, maybe some sort of ridiculously cruel joke by the power that runs the universe. I really don’t know. But it happens and I have seen it happen up close and personal, that too very recently. But enough of that.

Yes, I was down and out. Yes, I was dejected and upset, a little too much for my liking. However, I’ve had enough and I’m going to fight it. Push me down and I’ll stand up. Hurt those I care for and I’ll nurse them back to health. Because I have my family with me and with that even the greatest of battles can be won.

So my dear friends let’s have a round of positive affirmations today? I think I see all of you nod. Great then! Here I go.

I forgive the unseen power for putting my mother and my family through a serious series of painful tests. He could have made it worse. There I life this weight off my chest.

Two surgeries later my mom still manages to smile for us. That is motivation enough for all of us to smile and smile we will.

She’s walking with the help of a walker and rocking at it in spite of the pain and weakness. Mom I’m proud of you.

We are going to go through it together and continue with our normal routine too with twice as much vigor.

No more tears, no more prayers. We will sail through with sheer willpower.

Well that was that. 

You know I've realized it's really important to be happy and content with life. You can strive for more but you should never forget to be happy with what you have in the present. You never know what tomorrow holds, if at all it holds anything good. Just some food for thought.

Now for some other news. Today I’m gearing up for a battle at work with my bosses for they only seem to want me to toil hard without any rewards. High time I tell them I’m not here for social service, not for them at least. Wish me luck!

'No more tears, no more prayers. We will sail through with sheer willpower.'

With a promise to be back again tomorrow with a happy post I’ll sign off now. Have a great day and remember to make your own positive affirmations.

Take Care! Be Safe!
A thank you note for Write Tribe and it's Pro Blogger Initiative. You guys help me heal through writing and I don't have enough words to thank you for that.