Just a short list...

Five days of office followed by two hectic days of cleaning the house and catching up on sleep. This pretty much defines my week, week after week. In-fact even month after month! Well at-least ever since college ended and this god-forsaken job took priority. Of course, many would say I was away on vacation for 3 months this year. So why the fuss?

True. But the past two months ever since I’ve been back have been anything but relaxing, not even for a day really. With problems on the health front for both my parents life has definitely not been pleasant for a while. To say that I’m exhausted both physically and emotionally would be a massive understatement actually. In fact all of us at home are in dire need of some break, a getaway maybe from all the health problems and the stress they are associated with.

But how long can it be so right? The sun eventually does rise, doesn't it? And this time I hope it stays bright and sunny for as long as possible. So finally with everything getting back to normal, especially on the health front, I’m definitely more relaxed now. Touch-wood I'd say! And all I want to do is let my hair down and maybe take a step back to enjoy life as it goes on.

You know we get so engrossed in life that we often forget to live it. It’s true. We often neglect the fact that we deserve a break. Instead we keep going disregarding what we really want. So at times it’s good to do our heart's or soul's bidding for a change, treat ourselves with some goodies perhaps? 

I’ve decided to enjoy a little more than I would normally do, at-least in the coming months. I've therefore set three achievable goals, three wishes of mine that I’ll fulfill myself. Three items in a short list that I'll tick off in a span of three short months. Sounds good? Doable? It does right? I’m excited just thinking about it and can’t wait to tell you. It’s not something huge but just a few things that will make me happy.

So here they are, those three things that I would like to treat myself with in the near future. And you can do the same you know. I really hope you too share your list here once you are done reading mine. Deal? Then let’s proceed.

Buy a pair of gorgeous diamond earrings – You know I’ve just realized that I’ve never gifted myself any real jewelry ever since I began working. Junk jewelry. Yes, many times but not something made of gold or diamond. All the gold and diamond in my possession, however few, have always been gifts. Not that I’m very much interested in ornaments but still. Every girl should gift herself some real jewelry at some point in time no? What will I tell my grandchildren otherwise that I didn't even go jewelry shopping when I was young? No, way! So buying a pair of gorgeous diamond earrings is the first thing in my to-do list and I plan to tick it off before Durga Puja this year.

Host a barbecue party – Yes, I’ve always loved barbecues. Even though I’ve had my share of barbecues while I was in Sydney a few years back, hosting one is a different thing altogether. So this year for S’s birthday, I plan to have a barbecue party with some close friends at home. Sipping on some sangria with friends as the barbecue turns hot while discussing matters of the heart oblivious to the soft music in the background. Sounds like a good plan, doesn't it?

Finish reading at least one book each week – 2014 has been a very bad year for me in terms of reading. Perhaps abysmal would be the right word. Whenever I sat down with a book something or the other came up to keep me engaged for days on end. I have hardly read 4 to 5 books this year and August has already begun! Not a great feeling I can tell you that. So I promise to read at least one book each week from here on. I have to because I miss the happiness that reading always brought along in my life. And I want to begin experiencing that again.

Alright that's all from my end. Now it’s your turn. Come share you list with me. It’s just a short one after all!
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