I'm Blank Because....

I’m weird because……

I still watch cartoon movies when nobody’s home.
I’m always in a hurry for no apparent reason, like a person on wheels (imaginary ones of course!).
I hate following rules, even the good ones.
I can never remember my height.
I don't like chocolates.
I've an innate dislike for bikers.
I have cravings to eat 10 different cuisines every day and I’m not even pregnant!
I only drink tea to eat biscuits dipped in it.
I don't like eating fruits.
I can eat restaurant food every day, day after day.
I love wearing my sister’s clothes more than my own.
I imagine myself as the singer every time I listen to any song I like.
I like writing blog posts from office.
I always end up buying items which are not on discount during sales.
I don't like ice-creams.
I have dreams of boiling every figure of authority in my office in a cauldron of hot oil one day.
I absolutely dislike coffee.
I’m friendlier on WhatsApp than in reality.
I keep turning my pillow to lay my head on the cold side till I fall asleep.
I’m always angry just like HULK.
I've to have lunch at 12 noon when I'm in office, absolutely have to!
I always interrupt others during telephone conversations.
I enjoy shopping and eating in restaurants alone.
I think the world’s weight rests on my shoulders.
I don’t let others help me.

I’m a bad friend because…

I’m too lazy to go out and meet them.
I don’t know what to talk to them about during calls.
I hate it when they keep talking about themselves.
I don’t say what I really think often.

I’m a good friend because…

I hate whom my friends hate, no questions asked.
I love the very few friends I have.
I’m fiercely protective of them.

I’m sad because…

In spite of my best efforts I often end up hurting those I care about.
I don’t get what I deserve at work.
I always have to work extra hard at everything and still I'm kept waiting.
I try to do everything right but it ends up being wrong.
I’m too emotional and not everyone understands that.
I can’t bear someone being angry with me.
Some people are mean to me without my fault.

I’m happy because….

My family loves me irrespective of all my flaws.
S and I both love being lazy together.
Mom had a successful major surgery recently.
My sister has finally been transferred to Bangalore.
I don't listen to crap anymore.
My current project has unrestricted internet access from office.
I bought two summery georgette shirts yesterday.
I had prawns on Saturday after craving it for an entire week.
I have a lunch date with my girl-pals this Saturday.
I’ll get to eat sizzlers soon.

I’m excited for….

S coming back home.
A great evening filled with laughter on Saturday.
Not having to wait for Sis’s holidays to see her.
Great food.
A tipsy evening.
Spa time.
S’s birthday.

So Write Tribe's Pro Blogger Initiative is in full swing and we are in the 3rd week already. 

As always the tribe came up with a post to help us with prompts. The first among those was a link to this post Little Miss Momma's Post - I'm Blank Because..., a fill in the blanks exercise and I loved it.

So I'd a post along the same lines and am linking this post to her post. Hope you enjoyed reading it! 

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