I'll be Alright...

Life is such a baffling proposition that I’m often awed by the ONE who conceived it. But the thing that perplexes me most about it is the uncertainty. How fast it seesaws between the shades of joy and sorrow. Or, how fast it oscillates between an inviting and a melancholic future. Or, how just a small inconsequential thing sends everything spiraling downwards? Bewildering right?

Something which seems right at one moment gets pushed to the deepest of abysses at the very next. 

Why is it so hard to be happy at times? Don’t you wonder?

There are occasions when we might do everything right, follow every rule to the tee but all that awaits at the other end is disappointment. Why does that happen?

At such forks in life we begin questioning our worth, doubting our journey so far and sometimes even avoiding the future.

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that our happiness rests on those we love or on transient aspects of life. While all that is fine and absolutely normal, I think it is beneficial to remind ourselves from time to time that we are good enough too. Just tell ourselves as often as we can that we are the best of what we can be, that we are making the best effort to live with our quirks and short comings. It is imperative that we stay happy with ourselves too.

You know from the moment I woke up today I have been feeling blue; an uneasiness perhaps. I don’t know why. Just one of those days probably. So I thought why not do an exercise today, in tune with taking it easy on the blog topic front this week?

I think it is beneficial to remind ourselves from time to time that we are good enough too.

Why not remind myself that I’m good enough too? Why not pat my own back? Not about the good people or things that surround me just for being ME. A list perhaps of all that is me? Who knows I might end up feeling better at the end of it?

What do you say? Shall I give it a try?

Did I hear you say YES?

Alright then. Here goes!

I’ll be alright since….

I’m a beautiful person at heart.
I’m independent and that’s liberating.
I don’t fear travelling alone.
I’m like a bird who flies at her own will.
I’m not afraid to cry when it hurts.
I don’t pretend to like someone if I don’t. I’m real.
I’ve my own views, opinions and I’m definitely not apologetic about it.
I remember my hurts, they make me strong.
I cut off people who upset me from my life for I know I’m better off without them.
I try to solve most of my problems myself. I like to be in control.
I get depressed and I’m not ashamed of showing my feelings.
I don’t change into anyone’s doormat to get my purposes served.
I get angry too but that’s alright for I’m human and not a puppet.
I’m weak sometimes but I know how to hold myself strong in spite of that.
I can be devastated but still I can walk the distance if need be.
I sulk, I fret, at times regret but that’s all me and I like me.

I know I’ll be alright!

Well, that’s the list. Though it didn’t completely turn my frown upside down but I think I’ll get there. At least, whenever I feel low I can see the list and start feeling better.

Wait. Why don’t you do a list too? Once in a while it’s alright to applaud your own self you know!


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