Few Sunday Wishes..

Wish. I love this word. Don't you? For me it signifies hope in the guise of desires. Sometimes hidden in the deepest corners of our hearts. 

We all crave for millions of things. We all do. Even the one who's satisfied in life has unfulfilled wishes. Trust me it's true. From ephemeral to long lasting our wishes have all the shades of the rainbow and more. How they are fulfilled? If at all they are fulfilled? Well, that depends. But the fact is that wishes remain in our hearts and minds. Always.

And I'm no different, am I? So I too have many wishes. Of-course they keep getting added or removed from my list depending on situations and sometimes my mood.

Moving on.

As this long weekend slipped by without any of my plans being realized an idea suddenly popped into my mind. An 'I wish' post. How does that sound? Just a short list of what I want or what I yearn for. Something light for you to read as well. What do you say to that?

Do I hear a yes?


So here goes!

I wish....

To resign from my current position because I deserve better.

To take a chance.

To enroll in a course on English Literature and Fiction Writing.

To go on a solo vacation.

To not enter the dreaded kitchen for at-least an entire week.

To go to the spa (It's been months!).

Perhaps letting these out into the universe would actually lead them to being painted with the brush of reality. For a few of them at-least? Possible?

Well that was all. For now that is.

But wait don't go yet! What's the rush? Let me know a few of your wishes too before you go. Yes, go on.