Fear, it may just be a four letter word but don’t you be conned into thinking that it’s harmless. It really causes conflicts and aches for all.

Sometimes it’s the fear of letting go of what we know while at times it’s the fear of the unknown. Sometimes it’s the fear of surprising others while at times it’s the fear of actually doing what we know we are capable of. We all have our share of fears, we all do.

Height, fire, water, speed. You name it and I've a phobia for all. But I’m not talking about these fears. You know those apprehensions we have, those that we keep pondering on when nobody is looking? Or, those fears of actually saying something, which we have been feeling for so long, aloud but haven’t quite gotten around to expressing. And those hidden inhibitions and apprehensions that we dare not talk about. I feel those are the biggest fears perhaps hurdles and of the worst kind. And I think we all can do much more, break so many shackles if we just shed those fears. But it’s easier said than done right?

Wouldn't life be a lot easier if we stop being afraid even if for a day?

What would I do if I wasn't afraid?
Of-course there are so many things that scare me, things that sometimes make me stop suddenly. But for today let’s just talk about one of my fears. Disappointing people I love is what terrifies me. I’m afraid of causing discomfort to those I care about and falling short of their expectations. Yes, that’s probably one of my greatest fears. In one way or the other the fear of not being able to do what is right by them drives my actions.

Maybe one day I'll not be afraid of letting down people anymore. I put so much pressure on myself doing that most of the time. I don't think it's healthy. And let’s just say it doesn't really work out for the best then.

Everything I do is driven by emotions which is not the best thing to do you know, at-least not always. Sometimes the fear of not being able to live up to the expectations of someone I care about is so huge that it clouds my vision. All the mistakes I commit day after day can perhaps be avoided if I just stop trying to do everything. So my day without fear would be one where I just let go of all my need for control, my need to make sure everything is fine with everyone around me and my need to ensure that they have no discomfort in their lives.

But enough about me tell me what would you do if you weren't afraid even if for a day?

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