On a Collision Course

So much negativity in the world these days. So much devastation. So many deaths. Don’t you stop and wonder why? I do. Actually it’s not really much of a halt rather a question that keeps knocking at my mind subconsciously. Innocent people being blown out of an aircraft, innocent people dying in bombings around the world and then to top it all the robbing of innocence of a 6 year old in town. What has the world come to? Is this the apocalypse everyone talks about? Certainly seems so.

I don’t understand politics too well. But I do understand humanity, the basic concept of it at least. I’m not saying I’m perfect. Nobody is really. But I do recognize humanity in the broader perspective. In any case I’d certainly like to believe that I do. And that is why I feel that everything is not alright with this world of ours.

Imagine being on a flight and watching re-runs of F.R.I.E.N.D.S to pass the time. I do that all the time. Someone might have been doing just that when some Neanderthals fascinated with the idea of regionalism and power, rather politics, ended that life. I say this because I saw the picture of a laptop at the crash site, open as though it might have been in use at the moment of impact. So many lives lost, of infants and children too. I cannot bring myself to even imagine the horror. But is this the advanced world we boast about where people are killed for no fault of theirs and that too so terribly. What have we become really?

Gaza. It’s strange how convenient it is for the world to forget about the people stuck there. Imagine living in a war zone. It’s sad, these blatant mass murders on the pretext of selfish motives. It’s just politics on both sides leading to deaths, thousands and thousands of deaths. Life really is of no value. And sad part is nobody cares or a better way to put it would be perhaps to say that nobody cares for both sides of the story.

You might think why am I bothered since these are things taking place miles away. Perhaps you are right but I could as well have been on that plane you know. I had just flown through that European corridor in June and so had my husband this very month. In fact it could have been anyone. I feel so bad for those poor souls. So it bothers me a lot especially when so many innocent lives are lost. 

But still if you insist I’ll look around closer by. Maybe that will make me feel better? But you know what it doesn't feel better at all because what I see is a misogynist society that has stooped so low that it has destroyed the childhood of a six year old girl. What was her fault? Not only was she violated by that monster but by her teacher too who thought it was alright to send her to a dark room for punishment. I shudder to even imagine. Oh the horrors! Makes me wish to beat those responsible to death with my bare hands. That I’m angry and disgusted is an understatement really. Tell me all those who blame women for every damn thing, what was her fault? Was it her school uniform or was she inviting trouble herself? No answers right?

From a 3 to a 6 year old, from a 22 to an 80 year old, no female is safe. Tell me then what culture do we boast about? The next person that harps on that tune will surely get an earful.

What’s wrong with our world? If we can’t even keep a child safe then what’s the point of anything at all. Who abuses a child? Not a human certainly. Then have we moved towards being animals? Disgusting, distasteful, appalling and more. With all the gloom flashing all over newspapers and new channels lately let's hope that our world heals soon and along with it the wronged souls.

You know I grew up in Shillong and sometimes there would be curfews imposed suddenly around town. My mother tells me that during those times our head-mistress would ensure each and every parent that once the children are in school they are her responsibility and no harm will come to them. But what I hear now is that the schools see children as avenues to charge hefty fees. Nothing more. It saddens me really. I want to punish them but honestly what can I do except sign petitions and protest? So I don’t know about you but everything seems colored in the hues of disaster for now. I just feel we are on a collision course, don't you?

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