Blocked & Clogged!

I don’t think there could have been a better Wednesday Prompt from Write Tribe this week. All I need now is to complete writing this. Well let’s see how far that goes.

Writing for me seems to have taken a back seat this past couple of weeks. A new project at work coupled with some medical emergencies at home has eclipsed my entire life. Yes my blogging as well. Sadly, my reading hasn't been spared either. All those neglected books now seem to be calling out to me but I just don’t have the time or the energy to pick them up once I’m back home after work. It’s hard to explain how I miss spending my days reading and writing. There is a constant nagging thought in my mind that I’m doing something wrong by not writing and by ignoring my books. But what can you do sometimes you just lose control!

I think for most bloggers and writers out there writing, even if a few lines, is therapeutic and essential. But when life takes over no matter how strong your desire to type a few words is, it just doesn't happen. No matter how much you want to shut out the rest of the world and jump right into the world of writing, other priorities hold you back. And when you finally find the time all that stares back at you is an empty word document. The mind just stops working.

"writingeven if a few lines, is therapeutic..."

Laziness or fatigue or even writer’s/blogger's block, you choose what you want to call it. It’s a little bit of everything I think.It affects one and all. I guess it's a little bit like Measles that most children get at-least once in their life time. Strange analogy I know but humor me for a while. Every writer or blogger falls prey to a 'block' at-least once in his lifetime. 

Anyways without further delay let’s take a look at some probable solutions or ways of warding off these dry spells in writing, shall we?

·   This first tip is for all my blogger and writer friends who work in the IT industry or perhaps anywhere else for that matter. Keep a word document open at all times on your system while working. Type anything, everything that comes to your mind whenever you get time. Trust me it helps. I have written many a blog posts sitting in my office cubicle either waiting for a meeting to start or for a job to complete. And when that thing called writer’s block affects you, the office can actually give you a lot of ideas. A post about the bad boss for example or perhaps those annoying colleagues who do no work but get accolades all thanks to their sweet talking skills!

·   Sometimes just forgiving yourself also helps. Forgive for what you might ask. Well let me explain. Most of the times when I can’t write or when I find no ideas I end up blaming myself for not paying enough attention to my blog. I basically reprimand myself constantly, which trust me isn’t helpful when you are short of ideas or when you just can’t connect your thoughts with words. Giving yourself a break is the key in such situations. So take a step back and give it a rest. Stop thinking about it 24 by 7 and trust me the clot will disappear in time. Writing has to come naturally else it won’t come at all. It should be like a wild spring, spontaneous. Hence it can’t be treated as something that starts at the press of a button. So now do you see what I mean? Let it go.

·   Read books but of course for this to work you would need to love reading. Read the books that have been gathering dust in your bookshelf. Reading takes you to a different world altogether and opens up horizons. You not only get ideas but also feel good about doing something that you love. I always believe that if we are stuck we should move on to something else that we can do till we are ready to resolve the former. Worked for me during exams and works for me at office too. So why not implement this in writing?

·   Being associated with groups like our very own Write Tribe most certainly helps. I couldn’t have written a single word today if it wasn't for this awesome prompt. So associate yourself with groups. Trust me everyone faces the same problems as you and they can help you out. You can’t talk about writer’s block with your family for even if they want to they won’t understand. But a group of bloggers and writers most certainly will and hence there’s your solution. Be a part of at least one writing group.

·   Sometimes lethargy and work pressure rises to such levels that it’s hard to get back on the writing bandwagon even after repeated attempts. But don’t be disappointed there’s a way around everything. Start with free writes, a few sentences each day. Don’t think too much just write! And trust me at the end of it you’ll have the satisfaction of having written something every day. What’s even better is that in this way, unnoticed, those knots will disappear before you know it!

Now I feel a lot better for I’ve written so many words. After repeated failed attempts at getting a start I’m finally done with a blog post and I hope I can continue to do so. But yes before you move from this post of mine I would surely love to hear your views on ways to fight writer’s block. Go on I’m all ears, or eyes rather!